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Cycling Adriatic
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Cycling Adriatic

Cycling Adriatic

Cycling, walking and hiking tours in Croatia. National and nature parks. Car and van transfer, accommodation, local gastronomy, wine roads..
Their Tours

Samobor and Plesivica wine road

1 Days
This all-day tour starts on the King Tomislav Square in Samobor. After breakfast and coffee we start biking towards a little village called Rude, which is an old mining town. There, we have a guided tour of the old mine (tour of the mine is about an hour long). After that we slowly ascend ...

Dalmatia Islands: Pasman, Ugljan and Dugi Otok

2 Days
The first day consists of a bicycle tour to Zadar and the transfer by ferry to the island of Ugljan. We ride along the island and cross the bridge to the island of Pašman. We go to the island’s highest peak and visit its hidden bays, which are inaccessible to cars, but can only be visited by ...

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