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Cycletours Holidays

Cycletours Holidays

Bicycles are as much a part of the Netherlands as its tulips, windmills and wooden clogs. Children learn how to ride a bike before they can walk, and doing the shopping by bicycle is certainly no uncommon sight. It appears that even the Queen herself has been seen on her two-wheeled iron steed.

Holland’s 17 million inhabitants are the proud owners of approximately 18 million bicycles. The country’s infrastructure has been purposely adapted to accommodate the use of a bicycle as a major form of transportation. There exists a network of bicycle paths 20,000 kilometers long(!), incorporating bridges, tunnels and ferries.

It is no surprise to learn therefore, that one of the largest and most experienced organizers of cycling vacations was established in this cyclists’ paradise.
Their Tours

Lake IJssel & Friesland

8 Days Easy
The IJsselmeer (formerly the Zuiderzee ‘Southern Sea’) is inextricably connected with the period of prosperity in the 17th century, the Golden Age, when Holland was one of the most powerful seafaring trading countries. After crossing the Ijsselmeer you arrive in the province of Friesland. The ...

The royal gardens of Holland

8 Days Easy
This trip brings you a large variety of the best culture and nature the Netherlands has to offer. During the trip you experience The land of Mauve, situated in the heart of Holland. You can visit the hometown of the famous painter Piet Mondriaan Amersfoort and the blooming city of Utrecht. You ...

Waterland, Amsterdam – Volendam

7 Days Easy 40 Km
Discover during this cycling holiday Waterland, Amsterdam & Volendam the area north of Amsterdam were im 17th century large area recovered from the sea and reclaimed through the use of hundreds of windmills. It’s here that you will find the typical Dutch landscape of polders, mills and harbours. ...

The West Coast

3 Days Easy 35 Km
Discover the Dune and Bulb Region of South Holland. Within cycling distance of your hotel in Noordwijkerhout you will find two of the Netherlands’ famous seaside resorts as well as the ‘Keukenhof’ (the world’s largest flower garden). The cities of Leiden and The Hague can also be reached by bike ...

Castles and Estates

5 Days Easy-Moderate 30 Km
This trip takes you to Lochem, a small city that lies between leafy estates and is surrounded by a beautiful hinterland. Lochem has a long history which dates back to the middle ages and before. The first time it was mentioned is in an old document dating back from 1059 while excavations in and ...

Highlights of Holland

7 Days Easy 30 Km
The Netherlands, land of water, tulips, windmills and clogs, but also a land of beautiful skies and scenery, captured exquisitely on canvas by our famous Dutch masters. On this cycling tour you will discover our areas of natural beautiful, our historical villages and – depending on the season ...

Tulip Tour

8 Days Easy 40 Km
In April and May we offer special tulip tours, centered around the Tulip theme and you visit of course the Keukenhof. The tulip originated in Turkey. The tulip bulb reached The Netherlands at the end of the 16th century. The flower and bulb were thought to be so special that a lively trade ...

Amsterdam to Cologne

8 Days Easy 45 Km
Cruising on a boat and cycling through a colorful countryside is the perfect recipe for a successful holiday. Biking and active during the day, the boat accompanies you along the river to welcome you at the day’s goal as your swimming hotel. And if you do not want to cycle you can enjoy the tour ...

Southern Tour

8 Days 40 Km
Historic towns, picturesque villages, a rural environment abounding with water, dunes and beaches: those are the typical ingredients of the Southern tour. And let’s not forget the eighteen breathtaking mills in Kinderdijk. This varied trip guarantees a striking introduction to the green and ...

Super Tulip Tour

8 Days Easy 40 Km
In April and May we offer special tulip tours. The program of this Bike & Barge Super Tulip Tour is totally dedicated to this beautiful flower. You will cycle through hectares of spring flowers and tulips, learn all about growing tulips and of course you visit the “Keukenhof The tulip ...

Top of Amsterdam

8 Days Easy 40 Km
Not until the 17th Century large parts of the area north of Amsterdam were recovered from the sea and reclaimed through the use of hundreds of windmills. It’s here that you will find the typical Dutch landscape of polders, mills and harbours. Volendam: traditional costumes, sailing ships and ...

Amsterdam to Bruges

8 Days Easy 42 Km
Two countries, Holland and Belgium, united in one Bike & Barge holiday. Combining the highlights of Holland’s Golden Age and the heydays of the Flemish trade cities in the Middle Ages. And of course Holland’s own world wonder: the Delta Works. The Dutch 17th century Golden Age and the heyday ...

Provence to Camargue

8 Days Easy
Among the wilderness of camargue and the landscapes that were so dear to Van Gogh you will cycle through delicious Provençal villages and vineyards. This stunning region, with its rich history and beautiful light, has attracted travellers for centuries. It is here that Artists such as Van Gogh ...

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