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Cambridge 3434
New Zealand
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Cycle Turismo

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Waikato River Trails Off-Road

2 Days
The Waikato River Trails extend 100km along New Zealand’s longest river, the “Mighty Waikato”. The journey takes in five lakes, four hydro dams and a number of small towns and villages. The trails connect with the heart of the Waikato and showcase the very best of the region’s natural ...
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2014

Waikato Single-Day Rides

1 Days
The cycling in and around the small town of Cambridge, in the Waikato region of NZ is awesome. One of the locals, Sarah Ulmer reckons it’s perhaps the best training base in the world. She’d know. She has won World titles, Olympic gold, Commonwealth Gold and set Olympic and World records in her ...
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2014

Waipa: Cycling Tour of Champions

4 Days 159 MLS
This tour features four days of outstanding riding in the relaxed rural Waipa Distinct. Known as the Home of Champions the Waipa distinct boosts a large number of World and Olympic champions in Cycling, BMX, Rowing and Equestrian events; as well as national and international champion ...
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2014

Classic New Zealand Wine Trail Tour

11 Days 333 MLS
The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail is a deliciously indulgent road journey that puts pleasure first. As well as fantastic food and wine, it serves up all kinds of cultural and adventure experiences. You’ll discover five of New Zealand’s most scenic regions, including three major wine-growing ...
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2014

4 Day Indulgence Short Tour

4 Days 106 MLS
4 days riding, tasting and soaking up the magic of Hawke's Bay. This tour is a treat for any food and wine connoisseur, who doesn't have much time to spare.
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2014

3 Day Delight Short Tour

3 Days 90 MLS
Savour Marlborough! From bush clad coastal splendour to sauvignon producing flatlands, this is a "slow food" tour featuring world-renowned sauvignon’s matched with fresh Marlborough Sounds seafood or wild river trout
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2014

Marlborough Delights Delights Tour

5 Days 143 MLS
This has been described as the "slow food" tour: savour world-renowned sauvignon with fresh Marlborough Sounds seafood, wild river trout or Canterbury lamb.
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2014

North Island Indulgence Tour

7 Days 226 MLS
A taste of Hawke’s Bay stylish art deco architecture then to off-the-beaten-track rural Wairarapa charm, finishing with the sights and sounds of our capital city, Wellington
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2014

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