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Cycle Tours Oxford
Contact Number:
+44 (0) 7469212779
+44 (0) 7908670112
Front Facade of Baillol College
Broad Street
Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 3BJ
United Kingdom
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Cycle Tours Oxford

In the Glorious city of Oxford, the bicycle is a tradition almost as famous as the dreaming spires themselves; so come rain or shine, winter or summer, Cycle Tours Oxford Limited, (Oxford’s Original Bicycle tour company) provide picturesque, eco-friendly, premium guided vintage cycle tours of Oxford’s rich and fascinating history. Our tours run twice daily, (10am and 2pm) meeting outside of Baillol college on Broad street, opposite the tourist information centre.

You will explore Oxford in true Classical and British style, atop 1920s inspired handmade Pashley Britannia bicycles. With planned out routes, on cycle paths and rarely seen backstreets, Cycle Tours Oxford takes you safely to places that are best explored and conveniently reached by bicycle. There are carefully designated stops to allow one to take in the Oxford atmosphere, ask questions and capture those special moments. All tour guides have experience of Oxford and are university level educated, which guarantees that you are embarking on an exceptional and worthwhile adventure delivered by the right sorts of people.
Bespoke, group and corporate excursions and rates are also available. Included in the tour are refreshments, and where possible, entry to an Oxford College. We are also privileged that Oxford is the gateway to the Cotswolds, a place of outstanding natural beauty and we therefore have tours that go beyond the city limits, escaping the hustle and bustle into the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside!
Their Tours

The Inspiring City

2.5 Hours
Come, discover and explore on our Oxford cycle tour. A fun introduction to the Glorious city of Oxford; exploring its origins and colleges, all the while providing a comprehensive tour of the city’s most famous, iconic and inspiring sites. We include in our tour a 20 minute refreshment break ...

The Twilight Tour

3 Hours
Explore Oxford after dark, on our guided bicycle tour and uncover some of the mystic mysteries, legends, and tales of vagabonds and murder that the city has to tell. Free alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink of your choice included.

Alices Adventures and the MaD HaTTeRs TEa PaRtY

4 Hours Easy
Come and join Alice on her adventures in Oxford, the original wonderland! Can you spot the white rabbit and help Alice escape the Queen of Hearts in time to find her way to the ultimate tea party where amazing delights await! The Tour encompasses part walking, genteel cycling (through Oxford's ...

Spires and Shires

5.5 Hours Easy
Encompassing town and country, the tour starts in the wonderful city of Oxford before escaping the madding crowds and discovering the beautiful Oxfordshire country that lays beyond the city limits, before finally ending back in the city, at Oxford’s architectural gem, located in Radcliffe square ...

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, Cycle Tours Global does not take responsibility for any errors or ommissions. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.