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Cycle Japan
Contact Number:
Head Office (Australia) +61 2 6456 3681
Japan - Operations +81 90 82789196

Berridale New South Wales
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Cycle Japan

Cycle Japan is a part of Journey into Japan and was founded by Australian adventurer John Morrell. John has had a passion for adventure since he was a child and a passion for Japan since 1981, when he first explored Hokkaido. His first trip to Hokkaido was meant to be a side trip while on his way to ski in Canada.

John is first and foremost a skier and cyclist and he finds Japan can truly sate these two passions. The powder in Hokkaido has been said to be the best in the world. The best way to test that is for you to come and try it yourself. The cycling is superb, with hot mix bitumen roads and in most places chosen for our bike tours, very little traffic.

The Journey into Japan philosophy is centrally about discovery. This discovery can be cultural or adventure based. With this in mind, western hotels are mostly avoided (except where essential at airport stopovers and some rural locations), and the tours take you away from the crowds to remote corners of Japan.

Accommodation is in Japanese Inns and Japanese food, at it's finest, is standard fare. Physical participation amongst exotic communities helps to open doors and to reduce barriers to communication. It also makes you feel good! You will be challenged and delighted at how this approach can help you to truly experience the essence of Japan.
Their Tours

Cycle Hokkaido

11 Days Mod-Advanced
Ride along the North Pacific coast and through the mountains of the Shiretoko World Heritage area. Cycle through wild sub arctic mountains, past caldera lakes and native forests. Stay in superb inns, most with hot spring baths. The essence of the far north is to be found here. Caldera lakes ...

Cycle Shikoku

11 Days Mod-Advanced
Ride Buddhist pilgrim trails, past ancient temples, through mountains, along the wild pacific coast, past age old remote villages and pristine mountain streams. Shikoku provides a rare window into ancient Japan. Here away from the crowds, we cycle along ancient Samurai paths that wind over ...

Hokkaido, Island of Contrasts

7 Days Easy-Moderate
The extraordinary contrasts of modern Japan are to be found throughout this archipelago but most particularly in Hokkaido. My introduction to Japan 30 years ago was this very island and those early years exploring Hokkaido have left an indelible impression of this wild northern island ...

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