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Cycle Bordeaux
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Cycle Bordeaux

The deal is: you push the pedals around and choose where you dine. They supply the bikes, provide maps and route notes, move your bags on each day, book the accommodation. So work, chores, stress decisions, are left somewhere behind your rear wheel.
Their Tours

A Brief Encounter With Bordeaux

4 Days
A brief encounter with Bordeaux. Average 29/32miles daily with a maximum of 33 miles. Three days cycling place-to-place

A Two Centre Hub And Spoke Tour

7 Days
Cycling trips combining carefree exploration of the vinyards, and hamlets of rural life and the riches of an historic and chic city. A hub and spoke holiday that spends 3 nights in Bordeaux with the choice of 5 day-rides exploring the mellow Garonne landscapes and 3 nights in Uzeste or ...

Bordeaux To Bezier

From the neo-classical elegance of Bordeaux's waterfront to a beach on the Languedoc coast we follow a route that takes in Gascon villages, Cathar martyrdoms, La Ville Rose, Abbey cloisters, canal aquaducts, Carcassone's citadel, Roman relics, vin de pays and cassoulet - Whether you choose ...

Bergerac To Bordeaux

8 Days
Bergerac to Bordeaux

A Taste Of Bordeaux

7 Days
A gentle 7 night tour that with 4 to 6 days of cycling wanders up the Garonne’s right bank through several of Bordeaux’s better apellations. It crosses the river at St Macaire and then ambles through Graves vineyards to Bazas before discovering the Sauternes and returning to Bordeaux by way of ...

The Wine Lovers Tour

8 Days
A 7 night cycle tour for those who appreciate Bordeaux's supremacy as the wine cellar of France or who just want to enjoy rural France at a leisurely pace. It leaves Bordeaux on a long-distance cycle path to reach Chateau Dardenac for a first night and then next day takes you on to St Emilion ...

The Family Friendly Tour

8 Days
The tour begins with a gentle ride out of Bordeaux alongside the Garonne to reach the Roger Lapebie cycle path at Latresne. This ex-railway route follows the verdant valley of the Pimpine through the Entre Deux Mer vineyards to reach the bastide town of Creon and afterwards La Sauve Majeure ...

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