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Cycle Across Oz
Contact Number:
International +61 3 9583 5414
58 Mentone Parade
Mentone VIC 3194
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Cycle Across Oz

Cycle Across Oz

Set up in 2002, Cycle Across Oz has now run 11 cycle tours across and around Australia. These tours have included point to point tours covering pretty well every way across Australia and 2 major circumnavigations. Cycle Around Australia 2013 had 6 riders start in Melbourne in a group of 18 and complete the circumnavigation of Australia in a little under 6 months. Cycle Around Australia 2015 had 7 riders start in the upper reaches of the Murray River and from there make a big loop up the middle via Uluru and Kakadu before heading to the West Coast to Perth and then following the coast all the way around back to Melbourne. With 12 to 20 riders per leg, these were amazing small tour experiences. For all the riders these proved to be trips of a lifetime and a chance for ordinary people to do the extraordinary.
Their Tours

Gold 'N' Waves Ride

32 Days 2670 KmAVG 102 Km
This trip brings together pretty well everything that Australia has to offer the tourist. Outback, gold mining history, waves, unique fauna and flora, towering forests, pastoral lands, inland lakes, vineyards, big blue sky, amazing stars. The tour begins in Perth, the capital of Western ...
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