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Extremadura Road Cycling Tour
Tour Location
Tour Information
8 days
On-road, Quiet Roads
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Tour Type:
Road Bike
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On Request
Tour Distance & Dates
462 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
77 Km
Tour Operator:
Cumbres Travel

Extremadura Road Cycling Tour

Following the footsteps of the Conquistadors. Staying at luxury Paradores

8 Days 462 KmAVG 77 Km

Extremadura is famous in Spain for its grazing lands and its medieval towns full of history from the time of the Conquest of America. This region South West of Madrid and next to Portugal is mostly a low and flat area with several important rivers runing through it so that is has mild winters and makes a perfect grazing land for Cattle and Sheep herds through the winter. The area is also famous for the historic cities where many of the Conquistadors came from. When men like Pizarro came back from the conquest they brought much wealth and cities such as Trujillo and Caceres are full of Palaces and churches thanks to the gold they brought back.

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