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Culture Shock Tours
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88 Songshan Road
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Culture Shock Tours

Culture Shock Tours

Pedal through the narrow lanes of the old town, enjoy local delicacies, try yourself at Kung fu, visit Art deco villas…and much more in just one bike ride.

Much more unusual than those predictable big group bus tours and diversified than the single theme tours around food or history, Culture Shock offers fun, exclusive and safe off the beaten path bike tours where not only food or history, but also architecture, arts, religion, social habits, traditions or anecdotes are the core keys.
Their Tours

Shanghai Night Tour

3 Hours Easy 9 Km
What a better way to experience the “City That Never Sleeps” than hopping on one of our vintage Forever bicycles and explore a whole New World after dark. Follow our foreign expert Tour Leader on a multi-themed route from the narrow streets of the Old Town all the way to the dazzling lights of ...

Morning Join-in Bike Tour

4 Hours Easy 7 Km
A freshly grounded coffee and a western pastry is the least your stomach will need before starting a voyage that will put you upside down! In just half a day on our vintage bicycles, you won’t be sure about anything about Shanghai anymore. Through narrow lanes in the peaceful Former French ...

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