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Cruising Krakow
Contact Number:
International +48 12 312 60 20
Mobile/Cell +48 514 556 017
ul. Basztowa 17
Krakow 31-105
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Cruising Krakow

Their Tours

City Bike Tour

4.5 Hours
The joys of this tour lie not only in what you will discover but also in the simple pleasures of biking through the leafy Planty gardens, along the lazy Wisla river and through the quiet streets of Kazimierz. Despite being extensive the tour is not strenuous and is suitable for virtually all ...

Country Bike Tour

4.5 Hours 24 Km
The country tour takes you along the Vistula river to Tyniec, a small town 12km west of Krakow famous for its 11th century Benedictine abbey. Founded in 1044, the abbey played a crucial military role in Poland's Christian restoration and the nation's rebuilding. The tour begins along the ...

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