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Cortijo Sierra Castril
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+34 958 747598
Cortijo Puentezuela
Castril Altiplano de Granada
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Cortijo Sierra Castril

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Canyoning - Barranquismo in and around Castril

Most of the canyons in the area are fairly dry, though there is the chance of water through out the year and they can become very sporting trips in February and March. The most popular barrancos are Barranco del Buitre and Barranco del Tunez Barranco del Buitre - A popular trip due to it's ...
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Caving Espeleología in and around Castril

Situated in Almiceran just above lake Bolera, this cave offers up to date, 9 km of passages. The most popular route follows the main fault system at roughly the same level. In Places it is quite complex trough boulder chokes and with passages splitting off in different directions. Cortijo ...
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Flora and Fauna in the Sierra de Castril Spain

Flora and Fauna of Castril The Sierra de Castril is a landscape carved by canyons, waterfalls,numerous peaks,grottos and Galleries. The mountains can get up to 700mm of precipitation a year, giving a good humidity in the valleys and canyons. This humidity linked to the difficult terrain give ...
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Mountain Bike holidays Andalucia Spain

A Mountain bike holiday in the the Sierra de Castril can be varied and challenging. There are easy rides like the circuit of the Valley de Castril and many harder outings which tackle the mountain passes and summits on super single track. Also further afield (within half an hours drive) there ...
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Road Cycling Holidays in Spain

Road Cycling Holidays in Spain - The Sierra de Castril and the surrounding area provide excellent road cycling. Our holidays, in this part of Spain, offer you the chance to explore quite roads in stunning scenery, in an area that is only now being discovered by the tourist industry. Finding a ...
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Rock Climbing in the Sierra de Castril Spain

Climbing is possible nearly all year, even on the mountain crags. However in deep winter when the sun is not out it can be cold. In summer, although the heat around midday can be fierce, climbing on North facing crags is very pleasant as the humidity is usually very low. It's also possible to ...
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Walking Holidays in Spain

7 Days
Our walking holidays in the Sierra de Castril Spain are based in and around the beautiful and stunning Natural Park Sierra de Castril. We are based at Cortijo Sierra Castril which is situated near the entrance to the park and also within easy reach of the town of Castril. The surrounding ...
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