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Continental Drifting
Contact Number:
+44 01440 966 555
The Compasses
Queen Street, Cowlinge
Newmarket Suffolk
United Kingdom
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Continental Drifting

Continental Drifting


Continental Drifting specialises in fully supported, coast-to-coast cycling challenges through the length of Spain, France and Ireland. Their superior hotels offer perfect comfort as you drift through some of the most historic and breathtaking areas of Europe.

All tours are fully guided and range from 6 to 10 days with twin vehicles providing comprehensive on-road support and baggage transfer.

"We are geared to offer these tours with the most comfort the company can provide. The riding is occasionally testing but not competitive, covering on average 70 miles a day at a leisurely pace."

The routes have been meticulously planned and ridden to minimise traffic and mountainous climbing, including ample breaks and comprehensive support. Their team works with you, combining their expertise and knowledge to ensure your adventure is an experience of a lifetime.
Their Tours

France coast-to-coast

11 Days 650 MLSAVG 72 MLS
The French coast-to-coast is a 9-day ride and takes us on a northerly route to the west of Lyon and Paris . Rolling out from the historic city of Montpellier on the south Mediterranean coast, the tour meanders along the minor roads of Languedoc characterised by vineyards arid and rocky ...


12 Days 700 MLSAVG 70 MLS
The Spanish coast-to-coast is a 10 day ride, roughly following the old Via de la Plata pilgrim route, north through the central Spanish plains. Starting out in Gibraltar, we meander up through the heat of Andalusia, the nature reserves of Extremadura and then onto the elevated plains of Castilla ...


8 Days 390 MLSAVG 65 MLS
Our Irish adventure is a 7 night, 6 day ride. Wild and beautiful, inspiring and exciting, Ireland's energy and romance will win you over in an instant. With some of the friendliest people in the world and with the magic of thousands of years' worth of culture and history, Ireland is a country ...

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