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Concordia Expeditions Pakistan
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Kairmabad Hunza
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Concordia Expeditions Pakistan

Concordia Expeditions Pakistan

Concordia Expeditions Pakistan has an extensive range of adventure tours services in some of the most exotic and majestic areas in Pakistan. They are privileged to have led and supported trekkers, climbers and adventure seekers in Gilgit - Baltistan (Karakorum, Hindukush and Himalaya) for more then eighteen years. Apart from regular tours they also have an emphasis on exploring hidden delights, unseen, untouched, unique scenery, wild life, adventure and culture. They are big enough to offer professional services and to care of every guest, plus they have modern vehicles, professional guides, premium camping equipment and accommodation.

Concordia Expeditions Pakistan was established in 1992. To promote, uplift the needs and standard of mountaineering climbers, trekkers, tours and interest of other travel activity demands. CEP is now a leading tour operator in Pakistan.
Their Tours

Three Majestic Mountains Bike Tour

22 Days 1400 KmAVG 63 Km
We begin our journey in Islamabad and proceed to the beautiful alpine lush green Kaghan valley. This valley rivals any in the American Rockies and the European Alps. From here we drive over the Babusar Pass and enter another realm of the Indusphandar valley gorge. This is where the monsoons ...

Marco Polo Bike Tour

18 Days 700 KmAVG 46 Km
To discover the region of Chitral and Hunza by bike has its own charm. We start our trip from Islamabad to Peshawar through the beautiful Swat Valley up to Dir by jeep. >From here one can use the own horsepower. The Hunza Valley 3118 m high Lowari Pass and the 3720 m high Shandur Pass are ...

Deosai Mountain Bike Tour

15 Days Mod-Advanced 600 KmAVG 66 Km
The Deosai Plains (4000m) are 32km south of Skardu. This plateau is the habitat of the greatly threatened Himalayan brown bear and many other wild animals. At an average elevation of 4 meters, Deosai is known a national park and protected Nanga Parbat Rupal Face Above Sheosar Lake On The Deosai ...

Silk Road Bike Tour

18 Days
The Karakoram Highway (KKH) follows one of the principal Silk Road routes and is the backbone of this stunning mountain bike holiday. The KKH is a remarkable engineering achievement. Pakistanis proudly refer to the road as Hunza Valley the Eighth Wonder of the World. Built in conjunction with ...

Naran Kaghan Bike Tour

17 Days
We traverse almost all of the western Himalayas and Hindukush Range, driving and walking, along some splendid areas of the Karakoram. We also have magnificent views of the “Naked Mountain”, Nanga Nanga Parbat (the killer Mountain) Parbat (8125 m), Rakaposhi (7788 m), Diran (7327 m), Golden ...

Karakoram Bike Tour

15 Days
Karakoram is a Turkish language it means ‘crumbling rock’ is an incredible feat of engineering. The original track started from Xian inChina, Karakoram highway, connecting the Northern Areas of Pakistan to the ancientSilk Road, runs approximately 1,300 km from Kashgar, to Havelian, located in ...

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