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Cocos Travel
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Cocos Travel

I had the idea to establish "CocosTravel" when I participated in an extremely long downhill tour from a huge volcano on the Java Island. I was enjoying a second bike holiday on the Bali and Java Islands but at that time this idea still was only a dream. The following year 2002 I took two longer stays in order to search for and to take notes of the perfect biking tours. I was supported by Heriyanto and his friends on Java, by Wayan of the "Bali Cycle Federation" and Aan, who was responsible for the organizational things on Bali. The results were 6 different tours, grades easy to mid-difficult, waiting to be discovered by you.

I, Werner Duderstadt, have always been active in doing winter sports (Downhill, Freestyle and Snowboarding). I've discovered the bike sport 14 years ago and have also participated in some "Glocknerkönige", which is a big yearly bike event in the month of June, riding up the "Großglockner-Alpenpass" in Austria by bike. As a former trader of Sports equipment and Bikes, I am perfectly trained to repair bikes and I always keep my tools in the bus just in case….

In the year 2003 we established a small team of specialists and tour guides who work together very close to insure that all who participate in our Adventure Tours will be safe and will experience a high level professionalism. We now offer bike and hike tours on the islands Sumbawa, Rinca, Komodo, Kalimantan and we are very successful. And there are still lots and lots of other wonderful tours to be planned on these Indonesian islands.
Their Tours

Cycling Tour in Menjangan Island

2 Days
Electively 25 and 30 km Downhill or 30 km in flat terrain with the trekking bike though plantations and rice fields. SUPERTOUR !

The Ingenious Downhill Tour

1 Days
After being picked up at the hotel the minibus will bring us to the caldera of the volcano Batur, while we can enjoy the view of the still active crater (1717m) and Lake Batur. Then our classic downhill on the slopes of Abang begins (2153m) above the Lake at 1350m down to the foothills of Mount ...

Bicycling Day Tour in AYUNG RIVER CANYON

1 Days
After being picked up at your hotel, we will have a unforgettable cycling tour along the rice terraces und small traditional villages. Before we will cross the Ayung river canyon on a plank bridge, we will enjoy the wonderful "Ayung River Canyon" panorama pausing on this bridge. We will ...

Sumatra Bike Tour

14 Days
A bike tour in North Sumatra would not be complete without a visit to the world's highest and deepest craterlake. So we begin our exciting journey at Lake Toba on the island of Samosir. We bike on passing the Simalungun Batak Royal Palace and the Sipiso-Piso waterfall up to Berastagi. Here we ...

Bali Bike Tour

5 Days
Bali has a lot to offer! Wonderful rice terraces, magnificent canyons, active volcanoes, mystical temples, colorful ceremonies, and last but not least hospitably people. We will avoid traveling the touristic paths and experience it all live and up close!

Java - Ring of Fire Bike Adventure

17 Days
This enormous area of graphical forces, where tectonic plates collide has a length of 40,000 km shaped like a horse's hoof around the Pacific. We will learn to know 6 out of 129 active volcanoes in Java. On the slopes of these mighty mountain ranges, we will discover paradise-like waterfalls and ...

Lombok Bike Adventure Tour

15 Days
After landing at the airport of the island of Lombok, the 9-day adventure begins. We cross the Sembalun Highland before we go on the slopes of Rinjani volcano to a spectacular waterfall to shower and enjoy the island life for almost 2 days on the Gili Islands. We ride under the palm trees to ...

Islandhopping From Bali To The Dragon-Island

16 Days
We start in Bali and track through the island Lombok by bike. With the buccaneer and our bikes we head over passing Sumbawa to the Dragon Island Komodo/Rinca to see the world famous Dragons. Dreamlike, unknown and crystal clear Bays alternate with wonderful volcanic landscapes throughout the ...

Java Cycling Adventure Tour

8 Days
Short trip to the exotic highlights of East-Java. Impressive experiences are the tours to the 2800 m Ijen volcano with the unrealistic green glowing lake in its crater, the 35 km long downhill tour to the ocean through the rainforest and the following tour to the lonely turtle beach through the ...

Bali & Lombok Bike Tour

14 Days
Extraordinary cycling tour through the fascinating native Bali and Lombok. We learn to know the culture, religion and way of life of the Balinese, we cycle along rice fields, do river rafting in the Ayung River and we trek to the volcano Batur. Then we cross the Lombok Strait by ferry to enjoy ...

Bali & Java Bike Adventure Tour

14 Days
Cycling Tour Adventure through Bali, the "Island of the Gods", where we will find colorful temple ceremonies and experience the exotic East-Java. An extraordinary experience will be the tour to the 2800 m high and still active Volcano Ijen with its unrealistic blue-green gleaming Crater Lake ...

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