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Co van Kessel
Contact Number:
International +66 2-688 99 33
Mobile/Cell +66 87-054 9878
Grand China Princess Hotel, 3rd Floor
215 Yaowarat Road
Bangkok 10100
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Co van Kessel

Their Tours

Co Classic

3 Hours
Starting in the heart of Chinatown, our ride explores its frenetic market environment. Winding through narrow alleyways, our senses come alive with the sights, sounds, and smells of a community in motion.

From The Heart Of Chinatown To The Gardens Of Siam

5 Hours
Experience all of the wonders of Co's Classical tour by cycling through Chinatown's frenetic and market evironment, through narrow streets and small side streets. Then allow classic longtail boats transport us further in rural Bangkok. Discover why this city is often designated "Venice of the ...

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