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Civil Bikes
Contact Number:
+1 470-344-9122
409 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE
Atlanta GA
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Civil Bikes

Civil Bikes

Civil Bikes highlights history, art and culture presented in the landscape. They take groups out by bicycle or on foot to see the interrelatedness of our world. They offer bicycling safety skills and an investigation of the streets, crosswalks, and sidewalks they use for transportation.
Their Tours

Atlanta History Bicycle Tour

2.5 Hours
Bike through Atlanta and see history by viewing architectural sites, art and culture, city scenes, green-spaces, etc. We will make a stop for something delicious and refreshing.

Bike. Art. Do.

2.5 Hours
Bike. Art. Do. Tour will take a route through the city full of inspiring sites and sights! We will bike through the city and create. There will be 6 curated stops and participants will be given a designed Civil Bikes Art Book for their art assignments!! The tour will include a quick stop for ...

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