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Florence bike tour
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1 day
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57 Km
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Florence bike tour

bike rental hybrid or race & equipment bike guidance van service for transfer and support

1 Days 57 Km

Transfer from Florence to Fiesole, short visit of the panoramic town. After a shrt bike fitting you are ready to cycle on a panoramic, rolling stretch you will climb to the highest hills of this tour, the ancient, medieval Monastery of Monte Senario, standing on a hilltop at 3280 feet! Breathtaking 360° view of Florence and the backbone mountains of central Italy will be the reward of your effort. Story: In 1241 a group of Seven lay men decided to abandon their families and businesses to devote themselves to a life together of prayer, penance and poverty. These men, later known as the 7 Saints, went up to this mountain and founded this monastery.

After the well-deserved refreshing and rest, you will continue on a scenic downhill towards Monte Morello, the last mountain of our trip. Gently uphill along striking views will take us on the long descent, Keeping on quiet, historical back roads we will arrive back to Fiesole.
Booking Conditions
Min. 4 people
Group Deal: 6-8 people: Euro 180/each 9-25 people: Euro 160/each
bike rental hybrid or race & equipment
bike guidance
van service for transfer and support
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