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Hills & Wheels in Luxury Retreats

6 Days
Tuscany’s best scenery roads to cycling! Whether crowned by timeless villages, covered by vineyards and olive groves or strewn with wildflowers, the hills of Tuscany have one thing in common: they’re perfect for exploring on two wheels. Pedal to lofty hill towns, spin through broad valleys and ...
Verified by Cicloposse on 24 Jan 2017

Piemonte Wine Lovers

7 Days
The Cycling Piedmont tour combines the best of Italian and French cuisine and wine with scenic pedaling through rolling hills dotted with vineyards and castles: from alpine splendor to undiscovered villages and fortified castles. Join us for heart-pumping rides through river valleys and up ...
Verified by Cicloposse on 24 Jan 2017

Sardinia Bike tour

7 Days
Sunset Coast: Sardinia has always been a popular escape spot Not only for its beautiful beaches - but also, due to its remote nature and land, the waters rival the Caribbean! Island for adventurers and the varied landscape is ripe for exploration. From the beaches to the mountains through ...
Verified by Cicloposse on 24 Jan 2017

Bella Tuscany!

7 Days Moderate
We captured the essence of glorious Tuscany best scenery roads to cycling: We start the tour staying at beautiful all corte del sole country Inn, on the border Umbria/Tuscany. let you discover Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza & val d’orcia; le crete area through a landscape of sculpted curves ...
Verified by Cicloposse on 24 Jan 2017

Amazing Southern Tuscany

8 Days
Cypress roads, small villages on top of hill, hot spring, abbey immersed in park, group of cypress, this self-guided tour covers this small but stunning part of Tuscany ! Discover the beauty of Montepulciano, Pienza, Val d'Orcia, Montalcino and its famous Brunello wine, and Siena, as well as ...
Verified by Cicloposse on 24 Jan 2017

Zig-zagging Sardinia Island

8 Days Moderate
Zig-zagging Sardinia island: a very ancient land, is a uniquely fascinating place, forged by many centuries of culture and history, standing silently ever-present across the island, the enigmatic nuraghes: these round fortresses built in pre-historic times still survive
Verified by Cicloposse on 11 Feb 2015

Classic Dordogne

8 Days Moderate
Cyclists consider Dordogne one of the nicest places to ride because it provides a lovely combination of natural beauty, with the Dordogne River running right through the town, and ancient history virtually untouched by the hand of time. There are many reasons why Dordogne should be on any ...

Puglia Bike tour

7 Days Moderate
Olive groves, Baroque cathedrals and iconic trullis. Southern Italy- Mediterranean flavors of Puglia: This corner of Italy boot shaped is an exotic area due to Greek, Norman and Arab influences. We bike coastal roads through Adriatic fishing ports, then venture inland past olive groves ...

San Gimignano bike tour

1 Days Moderate
On this day trip by bike you visit two jewels of Tuscany: the suggestive Monteriggioni and the 15 tower famous town. Meet in Siena, transfer by van to Monteriggioni, literally a town-in-a-castle Barely two hundred yards across, its eighty residents all reside within the picture-perfect round ...

Val D'Orcia And Radicofani

1 Days Moderate-Advanced
Meet in Montepulciano or Pienza , our first stop is at the ruins of an Etruscan temple passing through a cool, silent forest. From here we'll drink in the endless panorama of the Orcia Valley, then breeze into Montichiello, a medieval hamlet surrounded by fairy-tale walls with turrets and a ...

Bike tour Monte Amiata

1 Days Advanced - Challenging
We call the Italian Mont Ventoux because there are many similar characteristic: 1) is a mountain surrounded by tuscan hill here around: Montepulciano, Pienza, Radicofani, Montalcino while Mont Ventoux is surrounded by Provence shorter hills. Tuscany and Provence, both a beautiful area to visit ...

Bagno Vignoni & Pienza

1 Days Easy
Let's enjoy downhill and easy rolling hills and admire the breathtaking scenery ending thermal bath of Bagno Vignoni. only 20 miles! - Beginner level, over gently rolling terrain

Pienza to Montalcino bike tour

1 Days Advanced - Challenging
Challenging level. Come to ride through brunello wineyards departing with a long downhill from the beautiful Pienza. Meet at delightful town of Pienza, then head west past ancient vineyards, stone farmhouses and bright green pastures. We follow a long downhill stretch to the enchanting spa town ...

Chianti & Castello Di Brolio

1 Days Moderate
If you are enchanted by the ethereal photographs you have seen on our web site and all over the world, we urge you to consider spending a day in the chianti countryside, cycling at your own pace through vineyards and olive groves. 35 miles - Medium difficulty

Montepulciano & Cortona

1 Days Easy
In Montepulciano, from here we start our pleasant five-mile descent through the vineyards, where the only sound is the wind in our hair. Plunge into some of the most beautiful vineyards in Tuscany. Relaxed and glowing, it's time to set off on a long, slow climb towards Cortona, the delightful ...

Florence bike tour

1 Days
Transfer from Florence to Fiesole, short visit of the panoramic town. After a shrt bike fitting you are ready to cycle on a panoramic, rolling stretch you will climb to the highest hills of this tour, the ancient, medieval Monastery of Monte Senario, standing on a hilltop at 3280 feet ...

Active Gourmet Sardinia

7 Days
WELCOME to the bike tour that brings together the passion for cycling and that for the culinary arts. Taste the best flavors of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, from the choice of the products to the tasting, through the preparation. In addition to cooking classes, reserved for you by ...

Active Gourmet Puglia

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Puglia, The spur and heel of Italy’s boot with its predominant flatness, is an ideal cycling territory. In this food and wine bike tour you will enjoy and learn how to cook regional specialties with a local chef: nothing matches the handmade Orecchiette (small ears!); dishes are enlivened with ...

Active Gourmet Tuscany

7 Days
Welcome to the bike trip combining fantastic moderate rides and cooking lessons; we add special tasting: olive oil, wine and cheese. Of course is la cucina Toscana - simplicity in its purest form. Tuscany cooks take advantage of the freshest seasonal products and tamper with their natural state ...

Umbria the Green Heart

7 Days Moderate-Advanced
Just southeast of Tuscany lies Umbria: Italy’s green heart. Wonderful mix of vineyards, olive groves and tiny Medieval villages perched upon the hillside. Stunningly beautiful region waiting to be discovered. Cycling through rolling hills dotted with castles, fortresses and watchtowers harks ...

Terre di Siena: Beautiful Landscape

7 Days
This Tuscany’s combination of natural beauty, medieval and renaissance art, architecture and friendly people will enchant you: Pedal to lofty hill towns, spin through broad valleys and follow sinuous country roads past cypress-lined lanes and quiet woodland.

Sardinia Beaches Bike Trip

8 Days
An ancient land with an ancient language, Sardinia is a uniquely fascinating place, its coastline is probably Europe's most spectacular, its waters teem with fish and shellfish. Its rugged mountains, pocked with caves, are home to large flocks of sheep that feed on pungent wild herbs and ...

Short Escape Tuscany

5 Days
We put together this short bike tour- 3 full days of cycling and 2 half days – for those who do not feel like taking a vacation entirely on a saddle, besides each day there will be a choice for easier and short bike rides and more challenging ones.

Tuscany & Umbria Bike Tour

6 Days
You will start with immersion in Val d’Orcia a Renaissance jewel and the first example of an urban planning project, realized by Rossellino. Wander the evocatively-named streets, like Via dell’Amore and Via del Bacio, filled with characteristic shops offering the typical products of the Val d ...

Pedaling "Under The Tuscan Sun"

7 Days
Starting from Cortona on the border Umbria/Tuscany you will discover Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino & val d'Oorcia; le crete area through a landscape of sculpted curves designed over the centuries by wind, rain, and man. The mystique of this land lies not only in its landscape, but also in ...

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