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Challenging Bike Tours

These tours have been graded challenging by the operators and usually involve considerable hill climbing and endurance skills or strong and technical mountain bike abilities.

Greece's Sacred Sites

12 Days Adv-Challenging 676 KmAVG 67 Km
Outside magazine named our Sacred Sites tour one of the “6 Best Cycling Tours in Europe. “Lonely Planet named the Peloponnese peninsula the #1 European destination in 2016. No one comes to Greece without paying homage to at least one ancient ruin, and some of Greece’s most legendary sacred ...

French Alps

8 Days Adv-Challenging 402 KmAVG 67 Km
Welcome to our exciting new trip in the French Alps. This week-long tour explores some of France’s most spectacular scenery and tackles some of the Tour de France’s most iconic climbs. We cover approximately 250 miles over 6 days averaging around 42 miles a day. However this trip isn’t about ...

North Coast 500

8 Days Adv-Challenging 834 KmAVG 119 Km
This is a new cycle tour in our portfolio. Cycling almost 518 miles around the Scottish coastline in 7 days is a tough ride. The total ascent is the equivalent of cycling to Camp 3 on Mount Everest, twice and we haven’t even mentioned the wind, it’s almost guaranteed to blow and as we are ...

Northern Spain

8 Days Adv-Challenging 580 KmAVG 96 Km
This is our new trip in the Cantabria region of Northern Spain. Cantabria is a region interspersed with mountain ranges, emerald valleys, canyons and gorges and rugged beautiful coastlines and is a pleasure to explore, especially on a bike. And yet by Spanish standards it remains relatively ...

Penang to Phuket Epic

6 Days Adv-Challenging 670 KmAVG 167 Km
We have selected the most stunning parts of the Singapore to Krabi Challenge, added the majesty of Penang and the luxury of Phuket. This is truly a pleasure, as well as being a proper overland adventure through one of the most culturally diverse parts of Asia. Stunning countryside, karst ...

Greece Peloponnese

8 Days Adv-Challenging 595 KmAVG 74 Km
The Peloponnese Peninsula has been inhabited for millennia and is the source of many of Greece’s most beloved mythological figures and real life heroes, from Jason and his Argonauts to King Leonidis of Sparta. No wonder Lonely Planet named the Peloponnese the #1 European destination in 2016. ...

Ride Tourmalet

1 Days Adv-Challenging
Whether you are in the area for a holiday, passing through during your travels or visiting for work on a conference, if you are into cycling, you have to ride the almighty Col du Tourmalet. We will take care of everything for you from start to finish: We can meet you in Toulouse or ...

Nong Khiaw 'The Hard Way'

5 Days Adv-Challenging 330 KmAVG 66 Km
Boat and Bike from Luang Prabang to the Adventure Capital of Nong Khiaw. Enjoy an easy off road trip to Muang Ngoi. Next day Cycle to Vieng Kham then take the Dirt Roads a back to Luang Prabang via Pakxeang Includes Village Homestay

Salzburg Lakes Road Bike Holidays

8 Days Adv-Challenging 550 KmAVG 78 Km
Around the city of Salzburg you will find many road cycle trails and therefore we had the world road cycle championship in 2006. Whenever you leave the state of Salzburg, you have to cross over a mountain pass. Some of them are little and the others demand some fitness. On this tour, you will ...

Tuscany Road Bike Cycling Holiday

8 Days Adv-Challenging 480 KmAVG 68 Km
Sport activity combined with overnights in culture and art cities like Volterra, San Gimignano and Siena. Enjoying the wines and the tasty Tuscan cooking will make your Tuscany bike tour just unforgettable! You will experience all sides of Tuscany’s wonderful landscape, cycling in the hilly ...

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