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Central Park Bike Tours
Contact Number:
International +1 212-541-8759
203 West 58th St
New York NY 10019
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Central Park Bike Tours

Central Park Bike Tours is the leading bicycle rental and tours company in New York City, serving thousands of satisfied customers each year. Established in 1992, we are conveniently located one block south of Central Park. Don't miss out on a unique and green New York City experience by choosing a bike tour that best fits your interests and group members.
Their Tours

Brooklyn Bridge Tour

2 Hours Mod-Advanced
Ride around 15 miles on the Greenway to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge. Return to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge. Explore Brooklyn’s ethnic and cultural enclaves, distinct culture, independent art scene and unique architectural heritage. Tour may vary depending on group and time.

Central Park Tour

2 Hours Easy
Experience a memorable 5 mile journey through Frederick Law Olmstead’s 1.3 square mile (341 hectare/840 acre) landscaped masterpiece in the heart of Manhattan in New York City. Your experienced tour guide provides background information, historical insight and points out some of the most ...

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