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Celtic Trails
Contact Number:
International +353 862 656 258
1, Garden Villas
Portobello Harbour, Rathmines
Dublin 8
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Celtic Trails

Celtic Trails is an Irish cycle adventure holiday company set up by the McQuaid brothers to organise quality cycle adventure holidays in the beautiful and remote west of Ireland.
Their Tours

Centuries Tour of Ireland

16 Days
Ireland has 1246 miles of incredible coastline. More than any other country in Europe. (Except for England, but there are people in Scotland and Wales that would tell you that’s three countries…). Anyway, fact is Ireland has an incredibly beautiful coastline. And we are going to ride almost ...

Clare / Galway Tour

8 Days
Look forward to the Cliffs of Moher, Golleen Bay, Loop Head, (one of the nicest stretches of road in the country), and of course Renvyle House, The Bog Road between Cashel and Clifden, and a host of other amazing sights. Of the three tours this one is the least difficult. The ‘undulations’ are ...

Mayo / Sligo Tour

8 Days
Some people have described this tour as the best they have ever experienced. If it is wild, remote countryside you are looking for this is the one. If it is very quiet roads and amazing scenery this is the one. If you would like to stay in castles for a few of the nights then this is the tour ...

Donegal Tour

8 Days
Man has occupied Donegal for the last 9000 years. Tomb monuments and ruins scattered throughout the county still intrigue archeologists and the public to this day. The Bronze Age is known as Ireland’s Golden Age and Donegal has many artifacts in its museums and churches for us to explore. The ...

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