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Cartagena Bike Tours
Contact Number:
USA +1 703 286 7241
COL +57 315 726 2989
Cra. 11 #5-60 Castillogrande
Cartagena Bolivar 130001
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Cartagena Bike Tours

Cartagena a historic city located north of Colombia on the Caribbean coast. Famous for its colonial walled center, founded in 1533, sandy beaches, romantic sunsets and set to many international renowned movies.

What’s the best way to get to know this magical city?

Hop on a bike. We will take care of the rest.

About your tour guide

Gerardo Nieto, a native “Cartagenero,” film-maker and bike aficionado who has combined his two passions to present Cartagena in an exclusive way. Tours available in Spanish, English and Italian.
Their Tours

Manzanillo del Mar

1 Days Easy
Our bike journey will begin in downtown and continue to ride through the suburb of "El Cabrero" on to the northern area of Cartagena. We will pass through fishermen’s villages and arrive to Manzanillo del Mar. Enjoy the beach and have lunch with fried fish, coconut rice and smashed fried ...
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Movie Bike Tour

3 Hours Easy
A visit through different cinematographic settings where well-known films such as Love in Times of Cholera, Cronic of a Death Foretold, and The Mission, have been shot. Ride on top of the colonial walls around downtown and visit the house of the famous Marquees de Valdehoyos, different plazas ...
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The Continental Bike Tour

1 Days Moderate
Visit the island of Barú, while passing through 3 different "continents" within Cartagena. We will pick you up downtown on a small truck and drop you off in "Pasacaballos" where we will cross a river ("Amazon") on a ferry. Later we will ride through the "continents" of Europe (Greece), Africa ...
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