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Cardy Adventures
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+597 422518
+597 424505
Cornelis Jongbawstraat 31
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Cardy Adventures

Cardy Adventures and Bike Rental, a tour operator in Suriname, with more than 25 years of experience and training, developed tour packages ,having a combination of nature and native Surinamese culture. We offer a wide selection of river cruises, dolphins spotting hiking trips, mountain climbing and bike tours through Suriname. In short: a unique, active, product consisting of a City tour or bird watching in Paramaribo ,to a complete expedition (jungle) tour to the Roseveltpeak or Kassi Kassima mountain.
Their Tours

Commewijne Plantation Tour

1 Days
More historical information of the Commewijne district Suriname had a plantation economy during the colonial times. Products of the plantations, mainly sugar, cacao, coffee and cotton were the pillars of the economy. The oldest plantations were located along the upper stream of the Suriname ...

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