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Banff BC
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Banff to Lake Louise

1 Days
Enjoy a the beautiful view along the Bow valley parkway between Banff and Lake Louise while cycling through the oldest national park in Canada (second in North America). Banff is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Canada’s first National Park of Canada, established in 1885, this bike trip takes ...

Highwood pass

1 Days
The Highwood pass is the highest paved pass in the Canadian Rockies at an elevation of 2350 meters. The beauty of this trips is the gentle downhill grade to Kananaskis village. This 45 Km trip will bring you past beautiful mountains such as Mt. Kidd. Most of the trip is spent with views of the ...

Lake Minewanka

4 Hours
Departing from Banff this 4 hour tour takes you along breathtaking views of the Bow valley.

National Parks Tour

6 Days
Reach new and rewarding heights on this extraordinary bike tour of the Canadian Rockies. The splendor of two provinces is yours to intimately discover as the road passes quickly beneath you and the proud pristine peaks put life into perspective. Incorporating four World Heritage National Parks, ...

Icefields parkway

6 Days
The most spectacular journey in the world! To travel the Bow valley and Icefields Parkways is to experience one of Canada’s national treasures and our most rewarding bicycle route. Stretching approximately 279km/173mi between Banff and Jasper the Parkways offer easy access to one of the most ...

Foothills Mountain Explorer

6 Days
Enjoy the beauty of Waterton lakes national park waterton_lakethen follow the foothills of the Canadian Rockies foothills_near_langdon along scenic ranchland to Kananaskis provincial park. Over the Highwood pass and along the kananaskis river to stay in a teepee for one night.teepee Then ride ...

Golden Triangle

6 Days
A treasure trove of adventure, the Golden Triangle offers a diverse discovery of western Canada, a serpentine cycle along the border of the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Beginning near Banff, this easy to moderate six-day trip will have you rising to the challenge of mountain passes ...

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