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Sonoran Desert Mountain Biking

3 Days Mod-Advanced 70 MLSAVG 23 MLS
Extraordinary single-track, beautiful views, towering cacti, 75-degree weather – all of this is the perfect escape when it’s too cold to ride at home! Nobody knows Arizona’s central Sonoran Desert better than the guides who live and ride here. Each day you will ride rolling singletrack with ...

Southern Utah Road Bike + Hike Tour

5 Days Moderate 133 MLSAVG 26 MLS
Southern Utah is full of treasures best seen from the vantage point of a bicycle. Each park we’ll visit is unique and famous in its own right, including the whimsical hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park, the unbelievable rock formations of Kodachrome State Park, the undisturbed natural beauty ...

Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan Cycling tour Along The Pamir Highway

19 Days Easy-Moderate 945 KmAVG 63 Km
Tajikistan cycling tour Along The Pamir Highway trip is an epic, high altitude cycle ride through spectacular remote mountains in two of the least visited countries in the world. At the cutting edge of adventure cycling, this journey offers a fascinating insight into ex-Soviet Central Asia ...

Dragon Dreaming

9 Days Easy-Moderate 480 KmAVG 60 Km
Wales is the best-kept secret in the UK for road cycling and seeing a new world taking shape - what better place to focus a Brake the Cycle tour! For years dreamers and revolutionaries have decamped from the city and taken to the green pastures of Wales, inspired by its beauty and Celtic ...

Kenya & Tanzania Family Biking Adventure

16 Days Easy-Moderate
East Africa is a wonderful place to travel as a family – it is colourful, lively and culturally interesting (even for the kids)! We have put together this 16 day biking and camping journey from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam to suit families and younger riders. We follow the same researched cycling ...

Kenya & Tanzania - The Best African Biking Adventure

16 Days Mod-Advanced 560 Km
Baisikeli Maridadi is a 16 day biking and camping journey from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam using remote back roads and visiting local families and villages along the way.  Our route varies from the chaos of Nairobi city to the sudden sparseness of open savannah with wildlife grazing the plains.  We ...

Camping under real canvas in Brittany

8 Days Easy
Since 2013 we decided that for our Fixed-Centre Cycle Camping Holidays we'd go all old-fashioned, and so we have bought some 5m diameter bell-tents. These are huge and airy inside and there is the real feeling of camping under canvas. This comes with all equipment including the use of the ...

To the Isle de Brehat - Camping tour

8 Days Moderate 260 KmAVG 32 Km
Brehat is yet another of those magical little islands that dot the coast of Brittany of the kind you find nowhere else in France. This route takes you not only there but also to Binic, the small port/fishing village/tourist trap on the North coast. This is where we take our kids when we go to ...

Heart of Brittany camping route

8 Days Moderate 260 KmAVG 32 Km
Much of the route is on bypassed mainroads which gives pretty direct routes with good surfaces but very little traffic. The distances are pretty short although the route is generally one of the more hilly ones, but don't let that put you off!

Les 'Hortensias - Camping on the North Brittany Coast

8 Days Moderate 260 KmAVG 32 Km
This a lovely ride through the Cote D'armor department to the North coast and the little town of Plestin Les Greves. As a route it is a little more demanding than say 'Carnac or bust' as it takes you through the quiet moorland above Callac. Less developed and less touristy than the South coast ...

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