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Buzz Nola
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+1 504.533.9688

New Orleans LA
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Buzz Nola

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At Buzz Nola your fun, comfort, and safety are our top priority. Our tours allow you to experience the sights, scents, and sounds of one of the most unique cities in the world. Sit back and tour New Orleans in comfort on our single speed cruiser bikes, designed with New Orleans' infamously bumpy roads in mind. Strong, durable frames, fat tires, and wide seats mean you're riding in leisurely style.

Buzz Nola is conveniently located near you in the hotel district, only one block from the French Quarter. Don't walk 15 blocks into the Quarter just to ride back out! Go where the locals go; see the city with Buzz Nola!
Their Tours


3.5 Hours
The best of both worlds! Buzz Nola’s location is ideally suited to help you conquer the French Quarter and the Garden District in one amazing tour! We begin in the French Quarter weaving our way through the original city of 1718 New Orleans visiting the famous landmarks that tell the tale ...


3 Hours
A distinctly different New Orleans, the Southern Splendor tour explores the historic "American Side" of the city. We start out cruising by Lafayette Square, Lee Circle and into the Lower Garden District as we regale you with tales of NOLA's southern heritage and famed division between Creoles ...


3 Hours
A complete and thorough look at New Orleans past and present, we begin in the French Quarter weaving our way through the historical heart of NOLA visiting the famous landmarks that tell the true tale of our city. From the Quarter we'll visit the original Creole Faubourg Marigny to see how the ...

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