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Bushwide African Safaris
Contact Number:
+255782282020 +255 652886800
+255 782282020
Uru Avenue.
Kilimanjaro 25000
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Bushwide African Safaris

Bushwide African Safaris

BushWide African Safaris is a locally guided and owned company which is making clients' holiday dreams to a reality as we provide you with a diverse range of tours and safaris for families, couples, solo travelers and groups to experience the best of Tanzania.
Their Tours

Lake Chala trip

2 Days Moderate 15 Km
Lake Chala trip by car or Mountain bike trip 15 km of Mountain bike downhills to lake Chala go and return of 13 km of another downhill though the different direction with the option of the overnight stay and camping or at the modern luxury bring tent as the accommodation. Down way heading to ...

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