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Brooklyn Giro Bicycle Tours
Contact Number:
+1 646-675-2194
160 John St
Brooklyn NY
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Brooklyn Giro Bicycle Tours

Brooklyn Giro Bicycle Tours

Brooklyn Giro Bike Tours is NYC's most complete tours of Brooklyn, NYC and also offers tours of Manhattan, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Brooklyn Waterfront. Experience NYC on Pedals - the best way to Experience NYC through the eyes of locals!

Brooklyn Giro Bike Tours also offers Private and Specifically Catered Tours of Manhattan and Places Beyond NYC.
Their Tours

Central Park & Lower Manhattan

4 Hours 25 MLS
This ride starts underneath the Manhattan Bridge in Lower Manhattan and travels along the EAST RIVER ESPLANADE with sweeping views of the EAST RIVER, BROOKLYN BRIDGE, AND MANHATTAN BRIDGE. We head into SOUTHPORT SEAPORT to examine the history of the Shipping Industry and then into to BATTERY ...

Brooklyn Waterfront

1 Hours Easy 5 MLS
This is a late afternoon, light ride along the Brooklyn Waterfront, starting in Dumbo. We pedal along the waterfront underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge with stops at Jane’s Carousel and Anne’s Warehouse. Sometimes the water can splash on us - that’s just how close we are to ...

Ride the Bridges Tour

2 Hours 10 MLS
This tour starts in Dumbo, Brooklyn on the waterfront. We head across the Manhattan Bridge on the North Side with sweeping views of Midtown Manhattan’s East Side, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Wallabout Bay into Chinatown. We travel under the FDR on a protected bike path and stop for a group ...

The Brooklyn Tour

3 Hours 15 MLS
This tour starts in Dumbo, Brooklyn, under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges on beautiful waterfront with sweeping views of downtown Manhattan from across the East River. We pedal on comfortable, lightweight, high quality, hybrid bicycles; provided to you by Brooklyn Giro LLC bike tour ...

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