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Bravo Bike Tours

Bravo Bike is a fully licensed Spanish Travel Agency and an experienced cycle tours specialist for Europe. We have experienced partners in many European countries, offering a great variety of very well organised city tours, guided or not guided, running through carefully chosen itineraries and hotels, offering superb sightseeing and cycling enjoyment.
Their Tours

Cyclade Islands by bike and boat

8 Days Moderate
The Cyclades, which comprise more than 30 islands, were the cradle of the first European civilised society 5,000 years ago. It is also here that Greece shows its most unadulterated side in all its variety: Gleaming white cubic houses with blue shutters and labyrinth lanes give the typical ...

South Greek Aegean by bike and boat

8 Days Moderate
Since the ancient times Rhodes is called the Island of the sun god Helios and there really is a reason for this: With over 3.000 sunshine hours each year it is one of the sunniest region in Europe – proving that Helios still pays special attention to his island. With your bicycle and the boat ...

Ionian Islands by bike and boat

8 Days Moderate
On the Ionian Islands off the west coast of Greece, Hellas shows her greenest side: Pure nature, the crystal clear blue shimmering Ionian Sea and centuries of Venetian influences dominate the archipelago of the Ionian Islands. From Corfu, which was the dream island of the unforgettable Austrian ...

Central Greek Aegean

8 Days Easy-Moderate
On a comfortable Turkish "Gulet" and by bicycle we explore the sunny islands of the Greek Aegean. The islands are a magical and mythical world filled with historical monuments and an abundance of stories. A world painted by the sun and surrounded by the life-giving sea. Come with us on a voyage ...

Explore Madrid

3.5 Hours Easy
Starting from our office at calle Juan Alvarez Mendizabal, no 19 front shop, this tour takes us past Madrid’s most important landmarks: The Royal Palace, Cathedral of La Almudena, Plaza de la Villa, then passing the San Miguel Market to the Plaza Mayor (main square). We continue through traffic ...

La Rioja & Ribera Del Duero Wine Route

8 Days Mod-Advanced
If you enjoy bicycling through the countryside, fine cooking and wine, this is the route we recommend. On this itinerary we bicycle passing through regions famed for their bodega cellars of Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines. Cycle through these vineyards on quiet lanes, make contact with the ...

Cycling Through South Wales

8 Days
Pembrokeshire is one of Wales most stunning regions, it is indeed Wales Coastal National Park. Althoughwhale watching is possible along the breathtaking coastline you will most likely see dolphins and porpoises. In the north part of the tour Cardigan Bay is a permanent residence of these ...

Following In The Footsteps Of Alexander The Great

8 Days Moderate
In 334 BC, Alexander the Great together with his companions embarked on a journey to continue expanding his father's kingdom, Macedonia. Among the first stations of his unprecedented campaigns, were regions of Lydia and Caria which were then still Persian regions, with flourishing cities such as ...

Turkey‘s Lycian Coast

8 Days Moderate
With our motor sailer and by bike we explore the Lycian coast from Marmaris to Kalkan. Our swimming hotel is stylish and charming and fulfills even the highest expectations. Let your tour guide show you unique natural wonders and historical sites, let yourself be taken back into the distant past ...

Castles And Walled Towns

8 Days
In the Middle Ages a treaty existed among many trading towns that were located nearby waterways. On this cycle tour through the eastern part of the Netherlands you will visit several of these so-called Hanseatic towns. In the vicinity you will find lots of grand castles and estates often ...

Highlights Of Holland

8 Days
This tour offers an attractive combination of towns and countryside in Holland. It starts with a sailing trip right across the centre of Amsterdam. Soon after having left the city behind, it appears that amidst the larger Dutch towns lies a splendid rural area: the Green Heart. One moment you ...

Lake Constance Tour with children

7 Days Easy
The main highlights are the medieval towns of Constance, Stein, Meersburg and Lindau. You will be able to enjoy the amazing landscape of the lake against the backdrop of the Alps. Travel documents in D, EN, FR, NL, IT, ES The Lake Constance cycle path is the most popular cycle route in ...

River Aare

8 Days
The classic route in Switzerland: Indeed begins this tour in high mountains, but the river has flattened the way for cyclists in millions of years. That way you can cross from Meiringen with no noteworthy grades Bernese Oberland, Swiss middle land, three-lakes-land and Jura. Get to know a piece ...

Jura Route

8 Days
From Basle to Lake Geneva the hilly mountain range of Jura is located – the mysterious, aside from known routes located landscapes which captivate every traveller. Who thinks of Jura, dreams of light fir forests, lonesome high plateaus, grazing horses and spectacular view points. But also the ...

Lake Zurich Tour with children

7 Days Moderate
Discover the prettiest scenery of Switzerland by bicycle, the most pampered means of transport in this country. Pedaling by the banks of the river Rhine, through vineyards, contemplating the Alps, picking fruit on your way, swimming in the lakes or watching the green prairies. The city of ...

Lake Zurich Tour

7 Days Moderate
Discover the prettiest scenery of Switzerland by bicycle, the most pampered means of transport in this country. Pedaling by the banks of the river Rhine, through vineyards, contemplating the Alps, picking fruit on your way, swimming in the lakes or watching the green prairies. The old city of ...

Esmerald Cycling Tour

8 Days Easy-Moderate
This classic Slovene bike trekking trip takes you through Slovenia's most famous historical attractions and many natural points of interest. It can be done individually as a self guided trip or as a group tour with our guide. Suitable for cyclists of average fitness. Cycling tour highlights: ...

Pearls Of Slovenia

8 Days
A definitive must for photographers and those who like mountain scenery, but don’t want to take too much effort to get it. This is NOT a mountain bike tour. It is suitable for cyclists of average fitness, has one pass of 750m/2500ft but one has the whole day to do it on a quiet road.

Biking And Relaxing In Slovenia

8 Days Easy
A picturesque countryside tour with emphasis on wine, good food and relaxation in hot thermal springs. Suitable for cyclists of basic fitness, modest daily distances. Tour highlights: • visit Maribor - European capital of Culture 2012 stay in Ptuj, oldest Slovene city with 2000 years of ...

Castle Crusade

7 Days
A tour from Highland Perthshire through the Angus Glens and the Kingdom of Fife. Major attractions are the famous Castle of Glamis (childhood home of the Queen Mother), Scone Palace the crowning point of all Scottish Kings and Queens , Falkland Palace , St Andrews the home of Golf and Blair ...

Island Hopping

8 Days
One of Scotland’s greatest scenic assets is its famous Western Isles. Some very remote, often a haven for wildlife and birdlife, very little explored by the tourist due to the lack of accommodation, limits the numbers of people which can visit.

Lochs And Castles

8 Days
The region of Perthshire is probably one of the most beautiful in Scotland. The Highland fault which was formed during the ice ages runs diagonally west-east through the region. To the north are mountains and many lakes (lochs) and to the south flat farm lands.

Piedmont: wine and food lover's paradise

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Occupying a large area that borders on France and Switzerland, Piedmont is the ancient dominion of the Savoys, the ill-fated royal family who ruled Italy from the Unification in 1870 until abdication in 1946. Piedmont is also a region where food comes first, with a host of specialities in an ...

Sicily, the land of lemons and oranges

7 Days Easy
A tour in the south-eastern area of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. You will cycle through the Val di Noto, since 2003 a UNESCO World Heritage site, and discover the most fascinating cities of the region. You will visit Noto, the most important baroque city of Sicily and ...

Umbria The Green And Spiritual Heart Of Italy

8 Days Moderate
In the magical landscape and the gently rolling hills of Umbria you will find many convents, monasteries, abbeys and churches. You can feel the authenticity of this region when you wander through the streets of the medieval hamlets and villages left untouched. Umbria is a spectacle of nature and ...

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