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Bilbao to Barcelona
Tour Location
Tour Information
Vehicle Support, Luggage Transfer, Mechanical, Maps or GPS
14 days
On Road, (Some) Hills, Big climbs
Bike Options:
Bike hire available, Custom, bespoke or private tour
Tour Language:
Tour Type:
Point to Point
Cost From:
Tour Distance & Dates
1080 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
83 Km
15 September - 28 September
Tour Operator:
Brake the Cycle
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Bilbao to Barcelona

An epic coast to coast adventure through northern Spain and the Pyrenees

14 Days Mod-Advanced 1080 KmAVG 83 Km

Aupa and bon dia. The linguistic deviations found on this trip tell you everything there is to know about the mystique and fiercely independent lands through we’ll travel on this tour. It’s an epic coast to coast adventure fuelled by sun, food to die for, and arguably the most vibrant hive of alternative and eco initiatives found anywhere in Europe.

Our journey begins on the western coast of Spain in Bilbao, where we’ll weave our way up to the Pamplona plateau. We’ll be staying at Arterra Bizimodu, a large former hotel transformed into co-live, co-work space, a home to many social enterprises and charities.

As we climb our way through the Pyrenees, there’ll be time to explore remote rural villages, monasteries carved into the rock, swim in cooling rivers and sip sangria in the shade while swapping tales from the road. From coast to coast you’ll be experiencing some of the most beautiful and scenic cycling Europe has to offer. Midway through our adventure we’ll be resting and relaxing our limbs on a day off, staying in an old 18th century school house converted into a luxury self catered accommodation, surrounded by mountains, eagles and vultures.

During the time of Franco a program of mass urbanisation left many rural villages abandoned and dilapidated. We’ll be staying at a number of these stunning locations on our adventure that have been re-populated by communities wanting to live in a more ecologically harmonious way.

They’ll be a lot of stunning descents as we freewheel our way toward the coast with an epic 20km downhill through Ripoll, the ‘gateway of the Pyrenees’. We’ll be staying the night at a permaculture farm, a method of farming designed to replicate natural systems, having no need for pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and producing a higher yield per acre!

As we catch the sight and smell of the sea, we’ll roll into Barcelona, staying at Can Masdeu, a former hospital turned eco-village that is very active running community projects within the Barcelona area. We’ll hit the town for dinner where they’ll be much cheering, back slapping and generally raucous celebration.

The nature of the trip fosters an incredibly supportive community. You’ll live together, eat together, cycle together, laugh together and maybe even cry together. Everyone is unique and will find different experiences throughout the tour that challenge and expand their boundaries, both physically and mentally.

Your mind will expand, your muscles will grow and your life will change.
Booking Conditions
Non-refundable deposit upon booking required, with full payment required 56 days before the tour starts. Full details here:
Group Deal: 15% discount for groups of 7 or more
Full board (food and accommodation across campsites, ecological centres, and airbnbs)
Fully supported tour
Mapped out route with GPS
Airport transfers
Personal development (we arrange sessions with a coach before and after the trips to talk with you about your motivations and how to maximise the lessons you learn on the road)
Getting to and from the tour
Travel insurance (we have a partner which offers discounts to any of our riders should you require it)
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