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Bordeaux Gay Tours
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Bordeaux Gay Tours

Bordeaux Gay Tours

Bordeaux Gay Tours is the first website aimed at the LGBT community for booking LGBT and LGBT-friendly activities, tours and transfers in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Gay Tours offers activities, tours and transfers where LGBT travellers can feel comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the city with other LGBT travellers.

Bordeaux Gay Tours‘ mission is to offer the best experience to LGBT tourists visiting Bordeaux. Their activities and tours are conducted by professionals with the best knowledge because at Bordeaux Gay Tours they only work with LGBT or LGBT-friendly local suppliers.
Their Tours

Saint Emilion

3 Hours
Bordeaux Gay Tours offers this bike tour to discover Saint Emilion wine region. This tour has been developed for wine and nature lovers. It offers great viewpoints over vineyards and prestigious “chateaux” (castles) of the region (Cheval Blanc, Angelus, La Dominique). It’s also a great ...

Old Bordeaux

2.5 Hours
Bordeaux Gay Tours offers this bike tour to discover the essentials of Bordeaux. A gentle trip along the quays will take you to the key contributors of Bordeaux’s new identity, without straying far from the architectural and historical treasures of the city center.

Bordeaux Big Ride

5 Hours
Bordeaux Gay Tours offers this cycling tour to discover the essential of Bordeaux. On this tour you will be able to say you “know Bordeaux”. Even though this expression can never be 100% true, we promise to take you to all the best bits we know. The essentials of Bordeaux are covered, as well ...

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