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One can never see ìallî of anything, but Biking Transcontinental makes a fair attempt, offering an excellent sampling of continental Europeís diversity. The paradoxical result is that you realize how much more there is to see. The variety of discoveries made on such a journey defies any generalization about ìEurope.îCountries and capitals surpass their stereotypes. Dijon is far beyond a mustard: itís a hub of XVth century political intrigue. Evian is more than a mineral water: it is one of Europeís most gracious spa towns. Lake Como has inspired arts, letters, and most recently films, across the ages. Salzburg is centuriesí worth of classical music tradition. Vienna... well, weíll leave its discovery, and countless others, to you.Each remarkably different French village or Alpine pasture increases your curiosity about the next. And each countryís attempts to advance in the modern world give new perspective to choices in our own. The tourist who travels too fast (or too quickly) assumes that all is the same; that nothing is missed. ìBiking Transcontinentalî avoids this mistake. It reveals the heart of continental Europe step by step, and helps you to realize just how much more there is to see.


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