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Umbria Unravelled

7 Days
Home of St. Francis and olive oil capital of Italy, Umbria is a landscape of sleepy valleys, solemn poplars and medieval towns perched atop hills. The land in between is filled in by green forests, grain fields in the plain, and vineyards on the slopes. And the beauty of your surroundings is ...

Swiss Cycling

8 Days Moderate
Two sets of mountain scenery for the price of one! First the Jura: goofy cow bells and achingly beautiful vistas, which you know from chocolate wrappers and always assumed was the Alps. The Alps follow close behind: Lake Geneva lies like a gem set in the dramatic necklace of the Mont ...

Pure Tuscany

7 Days Moderate-Advanced
Italy as a country is relatively recent, but unity has reigned in Tuscany since the 15th century. Etruscan heritage, climate, light, richness of the agricultural lands, geography, natural beauty... all are advanced as explanations of the “Tuscan Miracle,” an extraordinary concentration of ...

Norway Fjords & Glaciers

7 Days Easy
Norway is extraordinary. A friend likened it to Jupiter, if you’ve been there recently, but Norway is less crowded. If you grew up on Grieg, eat only Munch, or eyeball all Ibsen, you will find them well-remembered. Cultural identity is manifested in breakfast herring, a love of (and ...

Northern Star

8 Days Easy
Our most international itinerary carries you seamlessly through three countries, four languages, and an endless variety of landscapes. Flat Flanders’ brick cities are linked by canal tow paths, now traffic-free cycle routes. Flower-covered locks, stately lines of sycamores, and ornate city ...

Lively, Singing Hills

7 Days Easy-Moderate
As a cultural reference, Julie Andrews and the “Sound of You-Know-What” are fading from view. And the gingerbread houses, flowerboxes, alpine pastures, perfect churches..., were only a film set, anyway, right? Well, no, actually: they live here, in the foothills of the Austrian Alps ...

Italian Lakes

9 Days Moderate
Our Italian Lakes route roughly follows the Italian / Swiss border through the Alps, circling three beautiful and world-renowned lakes: Maggiore, Lugano and Como. As our Swiss route often visits France, our Italian Alps route dips into Italian-speaking Switzerland. The contrast is beyond ...

Biking Denmark

7 Days Moderate
This non-flat land (that’s Holland, silly) abounds with fun. Friendly people with a lively history inhabit adorable villages. Islands offer storybook seascapes and endless skies, the settings of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. Pubs pour Carlsberg and Tuborg to a plethora of night owls. ...

Celtic Spain

8 Days Moderate
Our Spanish routes, in the Basque Country and in Galicia, have in common the exploration of some of Europe’s wildest, least developed corners, a “Latin” pace, a profound culinary & cultural link with the ocean, temperate climates (the Atlantic generally keeps things pleasingly cool, even in ...

The Blue Danube

7 Days Easy
Yes, the Strauss waltz is the first thing everyone thinks of when they think of the “Blue Danube.” It’s a fitting symbol, even if the Danube really looks more gray-green to us. Maybe in the right light.... But a more gracious river, set in a more gracious land, is hard to imagine. We ...

Basque Biking

9 Days Advanced - Challenging
Our Spanish routes (the Basque Country and Galicia) have in common the exploration of some of Europe’s wildest, least developed corners, a “Latin” pace, a profound culinary & cultural link with the ocean, temperate climates (the Atlantic generally keeps things pleasingly cool, even at the height ...

A Week in Provence

6 Days Moderate
Colors of Van Gogh and Cézanne, flavors of the Mediterranean diet, the smells of wild rosemary and sage wafting from the fields at dusk... a gentle climate which gives life to fields of lavender and poppies, olive groves and parasol pines, and sun-bathed vineyards which in turn produce rich ...

Pinot Noir Burgundy

5 Days Moderate
A trip that showcases all that you’ve heard about France, and much that you haven’t. The world’s most precious vineyards, 15th century villages, Renaissance castles, great art, some of France’s best cuisine, and one of her most beautiful cities, long ago a capital of a vast country. But we ...

Gorges of the Cévennes

8 Days Advanced - Challenging
France’s least accessible region is almost unknown to foreigners, and only a vague idea to the French themselves. It is our favorite. Dramatic moors and gorges, pristine rivers and forests, and villages built of the stone cut from the surrounding mountains, astonish all who reach them ...

Chocolate Box Jura

8 Days Easy-Moderate
The Jura is a small line of mountains shared by France and Switzerland, the one that you see on every box of Swiss chocolates and always assumed was the Alps. Goofy cowbells, achingly beautiful scenery, and Swiss cheese without the holes. We once asked why there were no holes in the Jura comté ...

Chardonnay Burgundy

7 Days
The crisp slate of Chablis, chardonnay with attitude; Auxerre’s cathedral and Vézelay’s basilica, the Nivernais canal tow paths; Epoisses’ cheese, whose perfume you recognize in the pastures of wild flowers.... And glorious biking on country lanes, which you share with much odd-looking grape ...

Champagne Pedal

6 Days Moderate
More than a drink, it’s a place! Just an hour from Paris, pop the corks amongst the beautiful vineyards. Gawk at the splendor of Reims’ cathedral, where French kings were long crowned. Explore the WWI battle sites of the Marne. Peek into Picardy’s Romanesque churches, or the even older ...

Castles of the Loire

7 Days Easy
And what of the Loire? Kings & their sumptuous châteaux. Mushroom caves, troglodyte houses, wine towns and their tastings. Da Vinci’s last home, and a museum to his inventions. Sound-and-light stories projected on castle facades, blackberries by the side of the road, rock dancing in vaulted ...

Bordeaux & the Dordogne

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Picturebook scenery, turbulent history, and the ultimate hedonistic gastronomy combine in a river valley that today is an exercise in harmony. From cavemen to merlot, religious wars to roast duck with sour cherries, the caressing of the senses is constant. Fortified castles look down from ...

Brittany's Emerald Coast

7 Days
Our Brittany trip follows the north coast – a unique part of France, unlike any other. No local wine, for starters (well, little local wine... Muscadet, the ideal partner of fine shellfish, is Bréton, though by just a few kilometers). “You’re going there anyway?” we hear you cry. Well ...

Alsace Adventure

8 Days
To outsiders, Alsace at first seems germanic. Half-timbered architecture, many beers, a not-very-latin precision in the way things get done (and a sense of order in how they are kept), a local language far closer to German than to French... all contribute to seeing Alsace as a natural part of ...

Tapestries & Tapas

15 Days
This trip is a study in contrast. French civilization’s heart: ghosts of nobility, the grandeur of royal castles, great art work, refined cuisine, delicately tended wines which you nurse in your glass.... Added to the ultimate popular culture: noisy fishing ports, town squares thronged with ...

Scandinavian Sampler

15 Days
Scandinavians are friendly, relaxed, secure folk. You’d feel secure too, if all your friends drove Volvos and your health club was a government program. This is an unusual part of the world, full of cultural surprises & breathtaking scenery. Those who think Tolkien was writing fiction may ...

SalzburgerLand & the Danube

13 Days
Austria is a relatively “off-the-beaten-track” Discovery destination: a backwater during the Cold War, surrounded on three sides by the Iron Curtain, her capital well to the east of Prague. And today’s nation is only the nucleus of the far larger empire that held the name before World War I. ...

Roman Souvenirs

14 Days
The Romans stomped all over Europe, but southern France was a favorite. It’s not hard to see why. You’ll cycle along roads that are vestiges of their era, and enjoy hotel plumbing that may also be. That’s a JOKE – we hope.... Despite the Romans’ best road-building efforts, today’s ...

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