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Guiding Comparison

Guiding Comparison
There are four categories under the filter selector 'Guiding', the first two of which account for the majority of tours - Guided, Self Guided, Hosted and Bike Hire only.

The following table shows the usual differences - however these may vary slightly from operator to operator so please check with them before booking.

   = yes or usually                 x = no or unlikely         o = sometimes or optional

      Guided    Self Guided     Hosted    Bike Hire only
Accommodation x
Breakfast x
Lunch x x
Dinner o x
Support vehicle x x
Guide x x x
Ride Leader x x
Luggage Transfer x
Local admissions x x
Maps or GPS
Detailed pre-planning x
Phone support x x o
Bike included or available
Bring your own bike o o o x
Mechanical support x x

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