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Biking France
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Biking France

Biking France

Biking-France / RandoVélo (a Loire Valley Travel trademark) has been organising cycling and walking tour packages in a large number of French regions and making its exclusive skills available for more than 30 years.

"Our experience is unique in France - a guarantee of quality and an enjoyable holiday!"
Their Tours

Canal du Midi by bike from Toulouse to Carcassonne

4 Days Moderate 148 KmAVG 49 Km
Let the route of the canal guide you as it presents all its history punctuated by conquests, boat cruises, sunny walks. The ‘Canal du Midi’ offers you all its numerous architectural and cultural treasures : amazing civil engineering structures, Cathar vestiges… This is also an opportunity to ...
Updated by CTG on 19 May 2018

Bike stay in Epernay, capital of Champagne

3 Days Moderate 135 KmAVG 45 Km
Epernay, capital of Champagne, is the perfect starting point to discover this worldwide known vineyard and its charming authentic villages producing Champagne. In the city center, the great ‘avenue de Champagne’, with its 110 kilometres of wine cellars has been entirely refurbished. Today it is ...
Updated by CTG on 18 May 2018

The hidden treasures of the Loire à Vélo routes

7 Days Moderate 262 KmAVG 43 Km
The Loire à Vélo cycling itinerary gives the opportunity to discover somes hidden places: from the Renaissance gardens of Villandry, ride to one of the most beautiful villages of France, Crissay sur Manse! From the iconic château d’Azay le Rideau, let be seduced by the magic of the both châteaux ...
Updated by CTG on 18 May 2018

Around Lake Constance by bike

7 Days Moderate 265 KmAVG 53 Km
You will have to look around hard to find another classic cycle path that is as popular as Lake Constance. Three countries participate in the large lake in the heart of Europe. Austria, Germany and Switzerland add a special flair to the lake. This unique symbiosis of various cultures contributed ...
Updated by CTG on 16 May 2018

Loire à Vélo from Orléans to Blois via Chambord

3 Days Easy 112 KmAVG 37 Km
Enjoy this short cycling tour to ride on the Loire à Vélo cycling paths, from Orléans to Blois. You will find the most prestigious chateaux on your route, from Chambord to Blois then Chaumont-sur-Loire. Your bike paths will lead you from the beautiful Loire river banks to Sologne forest and ...
Updated by CTG on 16 May 2018

Cycling tour on the Arcachon Bay

3 Days Easy 96 KmAVG 32 Km
Discover the Arcachon Bay by bike! With these excursions, you will be able to visit freely this little piece of heaven. The Dune du Pilat, the higher sand dune in Europe; the Cap Ferret and its oyster villages and the Delta de la Leyre and the birds park. Take your time to walk around in the ...
Updated by CTG on 16 May 2018

Rennes to Saint-Malo: along Ille and Rance Canal

5 Days Easy 106 KmAVG 35 Km
The ideal trip for those who want to enjoy the peaceful and magnificent countryside scenery by bike! Discover unknown Brittany, far away from the overcrowded beaches and cycle on the ‘Voie Verte’ path along the Ille and Rance Canal, from one river lock to the next.
Updated by CTG on 16 May 2018

Canal du Midi by bike from Carcassonne to Sète

5 Days Moderate 148 KmAVG 49 Km
The ‘canal du Midi’, architect Pierre-Paul Riquet’s masterpiece, is the most famous water canal in Europe for its amazing measurements and for its peaceful surroundings. The idea of digging this channel linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean sea dates back to Antiquity but it was under ...
Updated by CTG on 15 May 2018

The 'Canal des 2 Mers': from Royan to Bordeaux

5 Days Easy 153 KmAVG 51 Km
Leaving the seaside resort of Royan, you will enjoy, on the road, nice little marinas, bordering the Gironde banks. In Blaye, where the Vauban masterpiece overlooks the estuary, you will cross the Gironde on the ferry to join the Médoc. Then, across the well-known vineyards designation, the ...
Updated by CTG on 15 May 2018

Bordeaux to Arcachon by bike

5 Days Moderate 161 KmAVG 40 Km Reviews
Follow the bike paths as leaving Bordeaux, stroll about accross the vineyards, ride under the shading pines’ forest! This itinerary by bike leads you from Bordeaux ‘La Belle endormie’ to the Arcachon bay. You will be enthralled by the variety of landscapes that offers the tour: Between urban ...
Updated by CTG on 15 May 2018

Cycle tour around Bordeaux and its greatest vineyards

5 Days Moderate 224 KmAVG 56 Km
Bordeaux is known all over the world thanks to its famous vineyards. So, that city full of cultural and historical places is the logical starting point for your cycling trip. Get carried away by the sweet atmosphere and follow an itinerary which will guide you from the ‘Entre deux mers’ area ...
Updated by CTG on 15 May 2018

Bordeaux to Arcachon by bike through the vineyards

6 Days Easy-Moderate
From Bordeaux to the Arcachon Bay, this itinerary will guide you across vineyards, pines and dunes. Go back up the Gironde estuary and cross the Bordeaux wine-growing region and its prestigious appellations: Margaux, St Julien, Pauillac… Then, reach the Atlantic Ocean and the Arcachon Bay via ...
Updated by CTG on 15 May 2018

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