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Bikealicious Romania
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Bikealicious Romania

Bikealicious Romania is a project started by three bicycle touring enthusiasts (Simona, Adi, Florin). We offer the opportunity to discover Romania, off the beaten track, using pedal power.

Our tours will take you through the amazing scenery of our country where you’ll be able to connect with nature and traditions and enjoy our delicious cuisine. We organize cycling tours from late march to early october with groups from 3 to 12 bikers.
Their Tours

Banffy Castle in Bontida and the Reed beds in Sic

1 Days Moderate
This tour is the perfect one day getaway from the busy city of Cluj-Napoca. While biking through the beautiful scenery of rural Transylvania we’ll have two main objectives besides having a good time pedaling in the outdoors. We’ll be visiting the Reed beds of Sic and the Banffy Castle in Bontida ...
Updated by CTG on 11 May 2016

Weekend Ride in Maramures

2 Days Moderate
National Geographic Traveler lists Maramures as one of the top destinations. The Telegraph published an article called ‘Romania: Maramures is a rural fairytail’. This unique part of Romania got a lot of attention in the last few years. And it surely deserves all this attention because it is a ...
Updated by CTG on 11 May 2016

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