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BikeHike Adventures
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BikeHike Adventures

BikeHike Adventures

BikeHike specializes in small group multi activity holidays in South and Central America, Canada, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa. These trips place a very strong emphasis on culture. We do our best to ensure authentic encounters with the local people. Every trip itinerary is unique and combines a range of activities from mountain biking, hiking and whitewater rafting to horseback riding, sea kayaking and rock climbing. Adventure holidays can be customized with as little as two travellers.

One of the leading adventure travel companies, BikeHike travellers are immersed in the local culture. Our adventures provide a perfect blend of physical activity and cultural awareness. You will learn about yourself and challenge the way you think about the world, seeing the world and its diverse peoples from a new perspective.
Their Tours

Island Hopping Greece

9 Days Moderate
'Island Hopping Greece' showcases Greece as an ancient giant endowed with present day adventure. During this 9-day tour we navigate across pristine beaches, stone ruins, mythological mountains and multi-coloured cliffs. After marveling at the Athens Acropolis, we set sail for rocky isles. Naxos ...

Cycling Cuba, Havana to Trinidad

9 Days Moderate
Cultural, rhythmic and evocative, Cuba promises to be like nowhere else you’ve cycled. This vibrant Caribbean island has many steep contrasts. It boasts beautiful beaches and tropical sun, crumbling but opulent architecture, cigar-smoking Cubans who groove to salsa beats in the streets, and a ...

Mountain Biking Coast To Coast

10 Days Adv-Challenging 375 Km
For those of you who refuse to be tamed, this coast to coast Scotland cycling tour is absolutely epic. It features a week of challenging riding from Aberdeen in the east to Ardnamurchan in the west. The route covers 375 km/208 miles, with 7000 m/2100 ft of ascents and descents, and is the ...

Machu Picchu Multi-Sport

12 Days Adv-Challenging
Ignite your spirit and enrich your soul on this Peruvian Machu Picchu Multi-Sport adventure. Peru is a country blessed with shockingly beautiful landscapes, varied ecosystems, the ancient Inca civilization, archeological ruins and rugged wilderness. On horses we canter through the countryside of ...

Bike, Hike, & Kayak Northern Vietnam

11 Days Moderate
Adventure junkies revel on these Vietnam advenutre trips. A geographically diverse country, Vietnam offers some of the best playscapes in South East Asia. Our adventure kicks off in Hanoi, where we explore the bustling old quarter on foot and in rickshaws. We spend a few days on mountain bikes ...

Volcanoes And Jungles

10 Days Moderate
Ecuador is a fun, safe and stimulating destination, making it one of the best adventure vacations for families. We've packed loads of activity, fun and authentic cultural encounters on this adventure and tweaks can be made along the way to ensure that the trip level fits your family needs like a ...

Viva Venezuela!

9 Days Moderate
If you’re craving the undiscovered, look no further than the Venezuelan Andes. Without question, this area is a hidden treasure, abundant with adventure opportunities. The landscapes are dramatic with snowy, jagged peaks, misty cloud forests and the golden rolling Andes. Colorful wildflowers ...

Turtles And Trails

9 Days Moderate
This Costa Rica adventure tour is designed for active enthusiasts who also want to help in the protection of endangered sea turtles in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner. In 9-days, we blend active thrills with two-days of community service on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica ...

Cappadocia & the Mediterranean

12 Days Moderate
Looking for ways to satisfy your adventure cravings? Here's the ultimate buffet of multi-sport activities with an itinerary that highlights many of Turkey's truest gems, from ancient Istanbul to the turquoise seas of the Mediterranean. We begin in Istanbul, the great city that links Europe to ...

Transylvania Traverse

10 Days Moderate
Romania conjures up iconic images of Count Dracula, Transylvania, the Carpathian Mountains and old-world Eastern European culture. It's a country where Western and Byzantine influences meet, shepherds still tend their flocks, horse drawn carriages are more numerous than cars, and medieval ...

The Ultimate Adventure Medley

9 Days Adv-Challenging
This is our most popular Costa Rican adventure. For those who love biking and hiking vacations, consider this action-packed adventure. The goal is to traverse across the country on a series of trails, rivers and backcountry roads. We ride knobby tire mountain bikes along spectacular coastline ...

The Coast To Coast Adventure

12 Days Adv-Challenging
The challenge - to traverse from the Pacific to the Caribbean of Costa Rica, solely by muscle power. We bike, hike, kayak and raft in one adventure-filled expedition. From the rocky cliffs and white sand beaches, we pedal and hoof along mountainous roads, pushing across the continental divide ...

The Julian Alps & Beyond

8 Days Moderate
For those looking for the new and undiscovered, Slovenia adventure holidays are the mecca of hidden surprises. This tiny country, part of former Yugoslavia, is sandwiched between Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Croatia and Lichtenstein. It possesses all the beauty of its surrounding ...

Rumble In The Jungle

10 Days Moderate
Attention Adrenaline junkies – here's one for you: a 10-day Rumble in the Jungle! Zig-zag from the Pacific to the Caribbean on your own sweat and steam. On these Panama adventure tours, we bike on twisty trails through fertile valleys while watching ships transit through the Panama Canal. We ...

Royal Rajasthan

11 Days Moderate
Medieval fortresses rising out of golden deserts are the legacy of Rajasthan. It’s an exotic place of vibrant colours - the ruby reds and bold yellows of the tribal clothing, the soft pinks of princely palaces, the earthy browns of the Indian desert. Traditional culture is one of the ...

Paddles And Pedals

7 Days Moderate
This small Mediterranean country is big on adventure! It has is one of the largest archipelagos on the planet with over 1,250 islands scattered along the Dalmatian Coast. This Croatia adventure holiday showcases the best active adventure over land and sea.

Navigating Nicaragua

9 Days Moderate
The allure of Nicaragua is no longer a secret. With this off-the-beaten path destination on the cusp of going mainstream, the time for Nicaragua tours is now. The country boasts a dazzling landscape of seacoast and surf, inland jungles, active and dormant volcanoes, colonial cities and warm and ...

Mundo Maya Multi-Sport

9 Days Moderate
The spirit of this itinerary is driven by the classical elements of nature. Travellers are exposed to the earthly drama of Guatemala by way of wind (zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Tikal), earth (mountain biking the countryside of Antigua and the Alaska & Zunil mountain range), water (sea ...

Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai

11 Days Adv-Challenging
Prepare for a biking journey as rich in culture as it is in challenge. Cycling from Laos to Thailand, we ride through dense jungle, riverside villages, and farms, exposing ourselves to authentic rural life in Asia. We begin our adventure in Luang Prabang riding along the Mekong River towards ...

Kilimanjaro And The Serengeti, Roof Of Africa

13 Days Moderate
A Double-dose Tanzania adventure tour. Climb to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. Then, go on Safari in The Serengeti National Park, world famous for the wildlife sanctuary and unparalleled for the abundant wildlife and rolling savannah. BikeHike Adventure's 15-day jaunt ...

Galapagos Multi-Sport

10 Days Moderate
The Galápagos Islands are a living laboratory of evolution. The hot and frigid currents that meet at the Equator have produced an incredibly rich and unique diversity in the marine life. There are no predators, so the animals are friendly. It is literally possible to walk right up to blue-footed ...

Biking The High Atlas To The Sahara

10 Days Moderate
This 10-day Morocco cycling tour features mountain and desert biking through the deep south, a land of big skies and stark mountain ranges. Adobe kasbahs are scattered throughout the desert amongst palm fringed oases framed by snowcapped mountains. We ride along a network of dirt paths that wind ...

Andes To The Amazon

10 Days Moderate
Outdoor enthusiasts will revel in this multi-sport vaction. Over 10-days we traverse from the high and dry Altiplano to the lush rainforest of the Amazon Basin. We hike the mist-draped highlands of the jagged Andes, mountain bike through authentic Quechua villages, navigate rafts through ...

Bangkok to the Golden Triangle

10 Days Moderate
This Thailand adventure tour is a winner for outdoor enthusiasts looking to get physical in a destination bursting with spiritual and cultural flavour. A whole slew of transportation modes make up the itinerary from biking and hiking to kayaking and elephant riding. We start in Bangkok and shoot ...

Active Indochina

12 Days Moderate
This double dose of adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia is for those travellers wanting a luxurious experience in South East Asia. We stay in deluxe 4-star boutique hotels and on a Indochina Sailing Junk. The first eight days are in Northern Vietnam, kicking off in Hanoi, where we hike and ride ...

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