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Bike the Big Apple
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New York
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Bike the Big Apple

Unique bike tours of New York City

Who we are:
Bike tour specialists. We are not a bike rental shop that also does bike tours or a walking/bus tour company that also does bike tours. Bike tours are all that we do. It is our focus, so we do it right.
A completely professional and insured operation. If you encounter a bike tour company that does not require helmets, it is likely they are not insured against accidents (we know of no insurer in the country who allows unhelmeted riders on a tour they are covering). In over a decade, we have never had an incident that required it, but if something like this ever happened, you will be glad we are insured. Also, all of our guides are licensed New York City tour guides. This means that the city has screened and tested them to be professionals of the highest quality. In other words, they are not novices reciting a script. Rather, they are knowledgeable experts who truly know what they are talking about, and know how to impart it! Unfortunately, not all New York City touring organizations use licensed tour guides (you get what you pay for!) but you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality guides when you ride with Bike the Big Apple!
A small, family-owned company. Although we have found success, we are still, quite literally, a “mom and pop” operation. It is through this mindset that we are able to deliver a personalized experience; your well-being and enjoyment is our highest priority!
Experienced. We are not “Learning the ropes.” We know what we’re doing. After well over a decade (in our thirteenth year!), we have figured out quite a lot in terms of what makes an excellent bike tour. At the same time, we are always improving, making additions, and keeping it fresh!
Their Tours


7 Hours
Come experience Manhattanhenge, a bi-annual phenomenon entirely unique to New York! This route encompasses all of the fascinating neighborhoods and culture that can be found on Tour A with the specific intent to highlight the SPECTACULAR sunset views that can be found along the Queens & Brooklyn ...

The Dutch Roots and More Tour

7.5 Hours Deal
Celebrating both our spiritual kinship with the most bike-friendly nation in the world - and our New Amsterdam heritage we would like to explore with you many of the links to our Dutch past that can be found in the far and near reaches of New York. Whether you're Dutch or not, you will love this ...

Central Park at Night

4 Hours
Two decades ago, being in Central Park at night was flat-out crazy! But thankfully that era is over, and now, on this special bike tour, you can experience the breathtaking beauty and serene pleasure known to just a handful of locals. After dark, the throngs of people from all over the city — ...

The Surprising Bronx

7 Hours Deal
Even Staten Island - often called New York’s “Forgotten Borough” - gets visitors from around the world riding its ferry! Yet, the Bronx, separated from Manhattan by less than 150 meters of water to cross, is truly the neglected borough. Our tour begins by riding into the infamous South Bronx. ...

Secret Streets

7 Hours Deal
Get ready for a tour that has you smack in the middle of New York City’s action. First, we head past Union Square, the place of every protest, from basic to bizarre. Next, we’re in Greenwich Village at the Stonewall Inn, symbol of the Gay Liberation movement. From “the Village,” we ride along ...

Northern Manhattan

6.5 Hours
The typical tourist map doesn’t even admit that northern Manhattan exists, but we present a checklist of the veritable cornucopia of sights, sounds, and smells to revel in! You’ll experience sights that rival those of Europe and street flavor that will transport you to the Caribbean ...

The Brooklyn Bridge and Skyline at Twilight

5 Hours Deal
The Big Apple is justifiably famous for its night life and night lights. Here is a unique opportunity to see the city’s brightness at twilight. Moreover, Sunday evening is an ideal time to pedal around lower Manhattan as there is considerably less street traffic. This unique tour begins while ...

The Sensational Park and Soul Tour

5 Hours Deal
The East Side of Manhattan is the city’s wealthiest neighborhood with extravagant brownstones and mansions. Next door is Central Park, which never fails to amaze with its sheer natural beauty (all man-made). As we pedal through the park we’ll visit Strawberry Fields, the only "beach" on ...

The Delights of Brooklyn

1 Days Easy Deal
This special tour starts with a ride through the historic Lower East Side. Once the most densely populated neighborhood in the world(!), it is now a very “in” section with a thriving nightlife, as well as an authentic Soviet era, larger than life, statue of Lenin! Leaving Manhattan, we dive ...

Friday Night Lights

6 Hours Deal
Experience "the city that never sleeps" at its best—on a Friday night! This tour begins with a ride through the historic East Village and Lower East Side, traditionally the immigrant enclave of New York - now one of the "hottest" spots for nightlife. While we uncover the gritty remnants of the ...

Back to the Old Country - The Ethnic Apple Tour

1 Days Deal
Great urban vistas that are typically not seen. Ethnic neighborhoods that are part of the unique mosaic of the city. This tour combines them both! Our tour begins with a ride over the imposing Queensboro Bridge high over the East River. Don't be confused by this bridge's identity ...

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, Cycle Tours Global does not take responsibility for any errors or ommissions. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.