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Take your accommodation with you, no need to repack - but cycle a new area each day! What's not to love?

Bavaria Bike and Barge Tour

7 Days Easy 215 KmAVG 35 Km
The real Germany can be found in the gemütliche 'Freistaat' Bayern, the fairylike land of lederhosen, timbered houses and beer festivals. In the northern part of this region an ancient canal connects the major rivers Main and Danube. The modern Main-Danube Canal was formerly called Ludwig Canal, ...

Lorraine Bike and Barge

7 Days Easy-Moderate 230 KmAVG 32 Km
This journey takes you through the green countryside of the Lorraine district of France. You cycle along well maintained bike paths, between the rivers Moselle and Meurthe, and you can enjoy as well the culture as the nature in this part of France.

Tulip Tour by Bike and Barge

5 Days Easy 162 KmAVG 32 Km
This five day Holland bike and boat tour in peak Tulip season goes through some of the most beautiful areas of the "Garden of Amsterdam." The tulips blossoming herald the awakening of Spring and this journey offers an excellent opportunity to visit the most beautiful highlights in and around the ...

Aschaffenburg to Bamberg

8 Days 184 MLSAVG 30 MLS
5 STAR rated Bike Paths along the river, through the vineyards and lovely villages. Visit of Wuerzburgs Residenz and Bambergs World Heritage Old City

Cycling among Flowers – bike&bateau

5 Days Easy 71 MLS
A bike tour among tulip fields in full bloom in Holland in a landscape of multicolor plains. We will plunge in a sea of tulips, irises and hyacinths, visit the world famous Keukenhof and learn all the secrets that lie behind a bulb visiting the largest Flower Auction in the world in Alsmeer. A ...

Amsterdam - Gouda - Bruges Tour

8 Days Easy
Two famous cities in Belgium and the Netherlands are the first and last stops on this fascinating Bike and Boat holiday. Enjoy Bruges, one of the most beautiful, historic cities of Belgium and Amsterdam, the architecturally and culturally wonderful capital of the Netherlands. Also delightful are ...

Southern Tulip Tour

8 Days Easy
The Netherlands in April and early May is ablaze with spring colors of tulips in full bloom. The awe-inspiring flower display is a “must see”. With its endless miles of paved bicycle paths and flat terrain cycling is ideal, relaxing and safe for cyclists of all ages. If you’re a novice cyclist ...

Super Tulip Tour

8 Days Easy
Between April and mid-May we offer special tulip tours. The program of this Super Tulip Tour is totally dedicated to this beautiful flower. You will cycle through hectares of spring flowers and tulips, learn all about growing tulips in a tulip park and of course you visit the “Keukenhof”. The ...

Deluxe Springtime Tour

8 Days Easy
This wonderful bike and barge trip starts and ends in Amsterdam, taking you through the provinces of South and North Holland while spring flowers are in bloom. You will spend time in the historical cities of Haarlem, Leiden, Gouda and Alkmaar, and learn about the water management of these ...

Active 5 Day Tulip Tour

5 Days Easy 100 MLSAVG 20 MLS
Experience Holland in the best possible way: a gorgeous spring excursion with the theme of flowers. This 5-day mini-cruise takes you through the most beautiful season of the year and to gorgeous areas in the province of South Holland. On this active tour, you will bike every day, and at night ...

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