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Bike Yunnan Adventures
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+86 (0) 1398 853 1825
DALI OLD TOWN Yunnan province
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Bike Yunnan Adventures

Bike Yunnan Adventures is well represented by local Chinese cyclists, all conversant in English, and all are able to guide you on a most memorable adventure. They were selected for their intimate knowledge of the area and the routes, along with an easy affability to interact with clients of many nationalities. Equally important to us is your safety, and for that all our guides are well practised in keeping your bike in top condition while you are riding with us.
Their Tours

Northwest Yunnan: Ancient Tea-Horse Road

13 Days Reviews
We really hope that you join us to experience the charming Yunnan countryside and experience the different ethnic minority groups which Yunnan is famous for. Travel with us by bike, along the "Old Tea- Horse Caravan Road". Kunming,Shangri-la,Tiger-leaping Gorge,Lijiang and Dali Prices ...

Guilin bike tour (Guangxi province)

5 Days 190 KmAVG 47 Km
Airport pick-up and a city bike ride. Enjoy the two rivers and four lakes night view in the evening. Explore Zhuang minority area, visit seven stars and the moon rice terraces. Vehicle transport to Daxu ancient town, cycle on back road to the historic fishing village, a bamboo raft cruise ...

Dali, Shaxi and Lijiang

4 Days 140 Km
Cycle the west side of Erhai lake and visit Xizhou, an ancient town which still remains the Bai ethnic characters, Watch cormorant fishing and then finish the day with a soak in a hotspring. Drive into Luoping mountain and then cycle on the back road of Dali, enjoying the ride along the ...

Erhai Lake Dali

1 Days Moderate
We will travel by vehicle to the ancient town of Xizhou where we will spend some time exploring, and visit a traditional Bai house. We will experience a market where local people come to purchase and sell vegetables, fruit, flowers, and many other items used in their daily lives. The market is a ...

Biking In Dali

1 Days
Riders will meet at West Gate with their own bike. We will start our ride to Three Pagodas which is great for photos, and continue to a village near the lake. From here we will ride along the west bank of The lake, through several Bai ethnic villages with schools, temples and farms and observe ...

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