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8 days
Advanced / Challenging
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USD 449
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Bike Wisconsin


GReat Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River

8 Days Advanced / Challenging

If you love a challenging tour with plenty of miles, hills to climb and TONS of fun, then GRABAAWR® is the tour for you. With spectacular vistas, friendly communities, fabulous food stops and cool swimming holes, GRABAAWR® will provide memories to last a lifetime.

We have plenty of revelry planned for the tour, starting with an ice cream social on the first night and lots of fun celebrations along the way.

The tour starts at the headwaters of the magnificent Wisconsin River near the border of the upper peninsula of Michigan. The route follows low-traffic roads along the 427-mile length of the river as it winds through the Northwoods, central sand counties, and the driftless area of Wisconsin’s dairy land.
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