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Amphawa Bike Ride

1 Days Easy
This cycling tour put you in close touch with peaceful and simple life of planters in an amazing place hardly visited by tourists. Ride in agricultural areas of Amphoe Amphawa and Bang Khonthi in Samut Songkhram, the smallest province of Thailand sites between the Mea Klong River and the Gulf of ...

Bangkok to Hua Hin Bike Ride

4 Days Easy
This tour takes you through the rich agricultural areas of the Central Plains, west and southwest of Bangkok to the serene beach of Hua Hin. Cycling route is on a beautiful back road with various views of numerous natural attractions, historical sites amidst clusters of typical Thai houses, lush ...

Hua Hin to Krabi Bike Ride

9 Days Moderate
This trip is designed to ride in amazing Southern Thailand to witness the natural beauty of Thailand’s seas, the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman, as well as the different lifestyles and traditions of local people in the various places dotted along the coastlines. The beautiful beaches and ...

River Kwai Bike Ride

3 Days Moderate
Observe a beautiful nature along the green ring of Bangkok, the famous fruit orchards of Thailand, the River Kwai and the death railway. Experience a real rural life of gardener in Thailand Central. Enjoy riding in an amazing cycling route along fruit orchards, forests, canals, rivers, temples ...

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