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La Barra Tour and its surroundings
Tour Location
Punta del Este
Tour Information
Guided, Hosted (Ride Leader)
5 hours
Bike Options:
Bike included
Tour Language:
English, Spanish
Tour Type:
City Tour
Cost From:
On Request
Tour Distance & Dates
Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec
Tour Operator:
Bike Tours Uruguay

La Barra Tour and its surroundings

5 Hours Moderate

This tour takes you to ride approximately 20k on the whole if we leave from ‘La Barra’ or 40k if we leave from Punta del Este. We go along the famous Waving Bridge, the one who the poet Pablo Neruda dedicated a warm poem called ‘ To the waving bridge from La Barra in Maldonado’. Beautiful bridge that perfectly matches the nature that is around. The next step will be stopping at ‘Museum of the Sea’ , which is just a few kilometers far . We will continue the way towards ‘ Las Piedras’, going by ‘Narbona’, farmhouse, where you could have the option to try its wines, cheese and varieties of ham according to your choice. Previous booking is requested. The next stop will be the famous hotel Fasano, in las Piedras where it will request our strength to go up the hill but with the rewarding views and environment that this unique hotel offers. On our way back we have the chance to enter ‘La Barra’ in Maldonado. It will depend on the busy traffic of the moment which is influenced on the season we are.
Aluminium bikes with 21 gears Italian helmets with UV protection Hydration
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