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Bike Tours Portugal
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Casa das Furnas
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Bike Tours Portugal

Bike Tours Portugal

These are no ordinary bike rides.

Seriously, if you’re expecting mountain trails, sweating a lot, shrink-wrapped sandwiches, souvenir shops or waiting in line to see monuments, you should probably look elsewhere.
What you will find are experiences that build upon 8 years of expertise in organizing premium events, outdoor activities and bike tours, all combined to offer you “Luxury on Two Wheels”.

They’re no ordinary tour guides either. First and foremost, they’re passionate about biking; they love Portugal and the Alentejo, and years of pedaling these roads made them intimate with them. Each and every ride leads them to something new, a tree that they’d never noticed before, a birdsong in the distance, the way the light crosses the pine trees at dusk. They’re in this business because it moves them.
Their Tours

Cycling the Coast - Portugal

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Bike around the most fantastic Portuguese beaches. The Costa Vicentina tour, along the Southern Portuguese sea coast, it’s like a banquet to your senses. Experience breathtaking landscapes in the Natural Park of Arrábida, dine among the Portuguese in the most typical fishing villages, take sun ...
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