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Bike Tours Portugal
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Bike Tours Portugal

Bike Tours Portugal

Luxury on Two Wheels

"These are no ordinary bike rides. Seriously, if you’re expecting mountain trails, sweating a lot, shrink-wrapped sandwiches, souvenir shops or waiting in line to see monuments, you should probably look elsewhere.

What you will find are experiences that build upon 8 years of expertise in organizing premium events, outdoor activities and bike tours, all combined to offer you Luxury on Two Wheels."
Their Tours

Cruising the Coast

7 Days Mod-Advanced
Experience breathtaking landscapes along the Vicentine Coast and take sun baths along its continuous 15 Km length of golden sand and witness the Natural Park Biodiversity. Tempt yourself with the extraordinary Portuguese gastronomy. An itinerary for those ocean lovers, that like to cycleand ...

Cycling through the Algarve

6 Hours Mod-Advanced
Sagres is a national reference in Portugal, dur to it's beauty and history. Cycle in the Vicentine Coast Natural Park and discover the Algarve seaside with the traditional fishing villages, just before arriving to the city of Lagos. Lagos city | Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse | Typical villages ...

Cycling through the Arrábida

4 Hours Moderate
Cycling from small typical villages all the way to the Arrábida showing it's indigenous vegetation, perfectly framing the clear blue ocean behind it, the aromas and sense of beauty won't leave you indifferent. Not to be missed is the visit to the local winery, for a taste of it's famous ...

Discover romantic Sintra

4 Hours Moderate
Biking from the top of the forest to the overwhelming views of Cabo da Roca. The iconic Sintra with it's luscious florest and dreamlike atmosphere sets the perfect excuse for a great day of biking, with the highlight at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Europe (and, of course ...

Discover the Alentejo

6 Hours Moderate
From the beauty of it's white washed houses, to it's full bodied red wines, it's a day to fall in love with the region and promise to come back. Let yourself go with the rythm of the Alentejo, on an easy cycling day that will give you a small taste of the enchantments of region.From visiting ...

Douro Vineyards Colours

7 Days Mod-Advanced
Experience the breathtaking landscapes of biggest mountain in Portugal, pass the Douro River, bike around the vineyards, dine in the locals and taste the world famous nectar of the Douro..PortWine. Allow yourself to be tempted by the extraordinary Portuguese gastronomy, the superb wines and ...

Algarve the Sun and the Sea

7 Days Moderate
This tour, along the most authentic Algarve, is like a banquet to your senses – the mixture of perceptions creates the impression of a water-color dotted with highlights of gold, green and blue. Natural Park of Ria Formosa | Natural Reserve of the Sapal of Castro Marim | Colossal isolated ...

The Alentejo Heritage

7 Days Moderate
Delight yourself with the picturesque landscapes of Alentejo, the immense cork and olive tree meadows and the rows of traditional whitewashed houses. Stop off at a vineyard, taste the Alentejo world renowned nectar and visit the wine cellars. Be enchanted by the beauty of the UNESCO city of ...

The Blue Coast - Sintra and Greater Lisbon

7 Days Moderate
Cycling in family or with friends, discover Portugal, and admire the cultural diversity of the cities, from the busy Lisbon, to the romantic atmosphere of Sintra and the trendy Cascais... it's country to discover.. Sintra World Heritage Site and Sintra Natural Park | Lisbon of the ...

Biking the St. James Way

7 Days Mod-Advanced
Join the many pilgrims that everyday arrive to Spain with the aim to receive the blessings of the Apostle. Out itinerary begins in the cosmopolitan city of Oporto all the way to Santiago de Compostela. Allow yourself to be completely amazed not only by the landscape, but also by the total ...

The Mythic N2 road

7 Days Adv-Challenging 739 KmAVG 147 Km
With 739 Kms in length, the N2 crosses 7 provinces, 11 districts, 29 municipalities, 4 mountains and 11 rivers, joining the cities of Bragança, right at the Portuguese northern border, to Faro on the south coast of the Algarve, crossing some of the most iconic cities,towns and villages of ...

The Alentejo Vineyards Colours

8 Days Moderate
Considered one of the best wine regions to visit in the world, the Alentejo offers formidable wines! From warm and generous reds to fruity white wines, the offer is varied and combines exquisitely with the flavoured and rich cheeses of the region!Cycling along the vineyards and visiting the ...

Arrábida Senses Family

5 Days Moderate
Cycling in family, discover the Blue Coast, with a wide natural diversity of landscapes and environments favoured by the presence of the sea, it is a wonderful region to discover. Designed to be a family experience, with soft stages, suitable for children and an amazing opportunity to get to ...

Alentejo Mountain Range Challenge

6 Days Mod-Advanced
Clear-water lakes and imposing dams invite you to pedal your way through this charming region, stopping only for a break in a vineyard or a wine and cheese tasting session in a centuries-old cellar. This is Portugal in all its landscape beauty, biodiversity, history and charm. There are few ...

Algarve Mountain Range Challenge

7 Days Adv-Challenging
Algarve, a small paradise on the edge of Europe, made of water, sand, mountains, and above all, lots of sunshine.Delight yourself with the picturesque landscapes of the northern Algarve, mixed with the village's narrow streets and the rows of traditional whitewashed houses.

Serra da Estrela Road Sport Tour

7 Days Adv-Challenging
The Estrela Road Sport Tour is “THE” tour of all tours. With it’s long days on the saddle admiring the breathtaking landscape, challenging yourselves against the long climbs and feeling the adrenaline of the steep descents .All this attributes together with the excellent typical gastronomy ...

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