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Bike Tours Japan
Contact Number:
+81 80-3492-0433
+81 167-22-5655
2-14, Kitanomine cho
Furanoshi Hokkaido 〒076-0034
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Bike Tours Japan

BIKE TOURS JAPAN offers guided and supported self guided cycling trips in Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido is Japan’s last natural frontier, an island of national parks made up of pristine forests, mountains, steaming volcanoes, caldera lakes and thermal hot springs.

Hokkaido is the Mecca for Japan cyclists
Their Tours

The Playground of the Gods

7 Days
Daisetsuzan, also referred to as “The Playground of the Gods,” is a vast territory of smoking volcanic ranges, hot springs, clear lakes and untouched forests. This tour offers a unique opportunity to ride and hike in Japan’s largest and oldest national park. Climb to the roof of Hokkaido and be ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014

The Cape of Divine Power

7 Days Moderate
On this spectacular trip you will see crystalline caldera lakes surrounded by volcanoes and the dramatic sea cliffs adorning the coast of Hokkaido. You will experience nature’s raw power by seeing young mountains that have sprung up and steaming fumaroles bubbling and emitting hot gases ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014

Hokkaido Explorer

7 Days Moderate
This tour offers a unique opportunity to ride two of Hokkaido’s most beautiful areas. In the west of Hokkaido, you will see young mountains that have sprung up in the last fifty years, hot bubbling ponds, and fumaroles sending plumes of smoke rising to the sky. You will ride around caldera lakes ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014

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