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Bike Tour Sardinia
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Office +39 070 7564378
Via San Gavino 6
Sardara Sardinia
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Bike Tour Sardinia

Bike Tour Sardinia

Bike Tour Sardinia can offer much more than the high thread count of your bed sheets. Their kind of luxury lets you discover places you never knew existed. Wherever they travel, they delve deep into the heart of the local culture. Your meals will be some of the best in your life, and your nights sleep every bit as delicious.
Bike Tour Sardinia gives you the possibility to visit the most incredible places, crossing the best biking routes. It’s one of the most capable and friendly companies that you can find anywhere. they usually choose the most interesting hotels that the regions can offer.
We organize everything: equipment, really good meals, good local wines, cheese tasting and cooking lessons.
They also provide route suggestions with really detailed maps and a guidebook, in which restaurants are indicated. You will see info about places to visit and suggestions on how to travel in Italy.
Their Tours

Sardinia Active Gourmet

7 Days Easy 170 MLSAVG 34 MLS
The secret to longevity is only a taste away. Pedal in the heart of Sardinia to discover the local diet and traditions, which contribute to its Blue Zone status and record number of centenarian inhabitants. As we cycle up an appetite, take cooking classes offered by renowned chefs of the ...

Challenging Bike Tour Sardinia

7 Days Adv-Challenging 320 MLSAVG 64 MLS
Could 60 miles p/day be enough for your next private bike tour in Italy? We will provide for excellent accommodations, beautiful cycling roads and superb bicycles. You will spend a week biking all around rugged Landscape of the island: from the west coast, (Alghero and Bosa), to Medieval ...

Sardinia South Coast Cycling

5 Days Easy 90 MLSAVG 30 MLS
Relive the wonders and the charm of what the Phoenicians and Romans came to Sardinia for, thousands of years before us. As the southernmost region of Sardinia, this was a key strategic location for trade and control of the entire Mediterranean Sea. Now, this is still true on a global scale for ...

Spanish Towers Cycling Tour

5 Days Easy 96 MLSAVG 32 MLS
The west coast of Sardinia has always been a hot spot for trade, power and control over the entire Mediterranean region. One of the most remnant notable influences in Sardinian culture is that of Spanish imperialism. Since then, it has become a mecca for sunbathers and outdoor tourism as ...

Eleonora d’Arborea Cycling Tour

6 Days Easy-Moderate 150 MLSAVG 37 MLS
An off-season cycling tour in Sardinia is a surprisingly pleasant adventure! Exploring the open roads with its wonderful scenery, food and history even throughout the wintertime. Sardinia’s never ending rolling hills and coastal roads reflect the warming rays of the Mediterranean sun can make ...

Biking Between History and Sea

7 Days Easy-Moderate 180 MLSAVG 36 MLS
This bike tour is designed for those who want to taste a little bit of everything the culture and history of Italy and Sardinia as to offer. Starting from Oristano you’ll visit the ruins of two ancient cities: Tharros, built by the Carthaginians and brought to blooming by the Romans, and the ...

Epic Bike Tour from Costa Smeralda to Alghero

7 Days Mod-Advanced 160 MLSAVG 32 MLS
From Costa Smeralda travel between uncontaminated mountain ranges of the Gallura region, which is rich of and known for high quality, prestigious wines such as its Vermentino and the Cannonau. An important particularity which Sardinian cuisine holds here is that it’s a blend of Italian, Corse ...

Cycling through Medieval Towns and Roman Ruins

7 Days Moderate 190 MLS
Sardinia is not just a beach paradise, but a cyclist’s dream as well. It’s scantily populated with breathtaking views all around! You are free to discover the open roads: less residents equals less cars –roads free from traffic await you! You will spend a week biking all around rugged ...

Discovering Sardinia in Wild Landscapes & Nuraghi

7 Days Moderate 170 MLSAVG 34 MLS
An ancient land with an ancient language, Sardinia is a uniquely fascinating place, its coastline is probably Europe’s most spectacular, its waters teem with fish and shellfish. Its rugged mountains, pocked with caves, are home to large flocks of sheep that feed on pungent wild herbs and produce ...

Cycling Between Old Mines & Carribbean Sea

7 Days Easy-Moderate 210 MLSAVG 42 MLS
Sardinia Island is located in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean sea. You will love the beautiful landscapes whitch this tour will offer you. Starting from the heart of hilly Marmilla, you can visit the largest open-air museum on the island, Barumini, where 3500 years ago “Su Nuraxi” was ...

Cycling on the Sardinian Sunset Coast

7 Days Moderate 190 MLSAVG 38 MLS
With BTS, you’ll find surprises at every turn in Sardinia, a place that feels both instantly accessible and adventurously off the beaten path. Designing this biking tour, we’ve handpicked the best routes, the most charming hotels with history and local character and an array of special events so ...

Pedaling and Zig-Zagging Sardinia

8 Days Mod-Advanced 330 MLSAVG 55 MLS
An ancient land with an ancient language, Sardinia is a unique fascinating place. Its coastline is probably the most spectacular in Europe, its waters teem with fish and shellfish. Its rugged mountains, pocketed with caves, welcome large flocks of sheep that feed on wild plants and produce a ...

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