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Bike Tour Korea
Contact Number:
+82 (02) 503-9945
49 Angol-Gil
Gwacheon-Si Gyunggido 427-060
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Bike Tour Korea

Bike Tour Korea

Experience the culture and scenery of Korea by bicycle. We offer day tours, short and long tours of Seoul, Jeju Island and all across South Korea.
Their Tours

Seoul and Jeju

10 Days
This tour focuses on the two most action packed areas of Korea, Seoul and Jeju Island. We start the tour featuring the highlights of our tours in the Seoul area. We include the DMZ tour, which will give you a chance to sneak a peak of the mysterious neighbor to the north. We will tour downtown ...
Updated by CTG on 31 Mar 2016

Jeju Island

4 Days
A complete circuit around Jeju Island is approximately 240km. This route does not include some areas of the scenic coastline, however. Stronger riders can choose to ride a complete circuit around the island, taking 3 to 6 days to complete the loop. Alternatively, we can provide vehicle support ...
Updated by CTG on 12 Oct 2015

Beauty of Korea

1 Days
Cycling is experiencing booming popularity in Korea these days. Experience the world class bike roads that transport millions of Koreans from the city to the nearby mountains. Get some exercise and visit the Seoul countryside. Along the way we will visit scenic parks and local sights, including ...
Updated by CTG on 12 Oct 2015

DMZ Tour

1 Days
This tour is a two part tour that will bring you into the Demilitarized Zone in between North and South Korea. The first part of the tour visits the Third Infiltration Tunnel, which was built by North Korea with the intent of invading Seoul. We will enter the DMZ, put on hard hats, and descend ...
Updated by CTG on 12 Oct 2015

Gangnam Style

1 Days Easy
Gangnam literally means “South River”. This tour visits the bike path network and city attractions that are south of the Han River. Enjoy a fun day out on the bike while sightseeing Korea’s urban center. We will visit parks and scenic spots, view the city skyline and river scenery, a explore the ...
Updated by CTG on 12 Oct 2015

Tour de Seoul

5 Days
You can customize your tour to include as much or as little riding as you choose. In addition to biking, we can also schedule other activities to complete your visit to the Seoul area. Seoul offers world class hiking right within the city limits. You can also choose to visit some of the famous ...
Updated by CTG on 12 Oct 2015

Korea: Sea to Sea

12 Days
This is a tour for riders who want to cover a lot of kilometers, and who want to see what the real Korean countryside is all about. First we will start from the DMZ on the northwest coast of Korea, then continue into the Seoul city to experience the hustle and bustle of modern Korea. We will ...
Updated by CTG on 12 Oct 2015

The Ultimate Korea

17 Days
For those people with the time, the legs, and the budget, we offer the Ultimate Tour of Korea. This tour combines the highlights of all of our tours and combines them in 1 extended tour.
Updated by CTG on 12 Oct 2015

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