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Venetians: Venice to Dubrovnik
Tour Location
Croatia, Italy (Veneto South Tyrol-Trentino Fruili)
Tour Information
14 days
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Tour Distance & Dates
1220 Km
1 October 2018
28 Sept 2019
Tour Operator:
Bike Odyssey
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Venetians: Venice to Dubrovnik

14 Days Moderate 1220 Km

Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world with its unique architecture, bustling canals, and magical feel. The Venetian Empire lasted just over 1100 years: 697 - 1797. The location of Venice spurred creativity, imagination and exploration, and was also home to one of the most famous explorers, Marco Polo.

Marco Polo was not the first European to travel to Asia, but he was the first to chronicle his adventures and share it with the rest of the world. In the spirit of adventure, we will also explore the former Venetian Empire through food, wine, and travel.
Our journey will have us circumnavigate the Adriatic Sea heading north out of Venice, with its series of islands, marshy lagoons, and intriguing architecture. See for yourself why people claim this to be the most scenic coastline in the world.

We will experience the charm of the Istria Peninsula, the amazing sunsets of the Dalmatian Islands, and the unique cities of Venice, Split, and Dubrovnik. This odyssey encompasses scenic cycling routes, exquisite local food, wine, cheese, and olive oils, along with amazing UNESCO Cities. Get the real feel from the saddle, and experience why the Venetian Empire lasted for 1100 years.
13 nights accommodation
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