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Bike Mongolia
Contact Number:
International +976 9514 5291
UK +44 116 2402625
Germany +49 30 9288344
Bayanzurkh District, 13th Microdistrict
Building No. 4, No. 184
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Bike Mongolia

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Gobi Desert To Lake Khovsgol

16 Days Moderate-Advanced
Several years ago we found out about a local jeep trail going over the Khangai mountains in Central Mongolia from the Gobi Desert to the ancient capital of Mongolia at Kharkhorin. It has become our most popular cycling route and we have extended it to include the northern region of Khovsgol ...
Updated by CTG on 22 May 2014

The Valley Of Genghis Khan Trail

10 Days Easy-Moderate 200 Km
This 200km circular route starts and finishes at Kharkhorin which was the of the great Mongol empire ruled by Genghis Khan. It passes along the Orkhon river valley which has a rich history as the of several kingdoms dating back more than a , and continues onwards through varied mountain, forest ...
Updated by CTG on 22 May 2014

Khovsgol Lake & Mountain Trail

13 Days Moderate-Advanced
Riding beside the Khoridol Saridag mountains in the north of the country, this tour passes through some of the most spectacular scenery that Mongolia has to offer. After a one and a half hour flight to Moron, capital of Khovsgol province, the circular route begins northwards through the Darkhad ...
Updated by CTG on 22 May 2014

Bulgan Mountain Bike Trail

9 Days Moderate-Advanced
In 2014 we will be running this exciting cycle route in the provinces of Bulgan and Selenge, south of the border with Siberia. We travel by train from Ulaanbaatar to the start of the trail at the copper mining city of Erdenet. The mountains, forests, rivers and valleys we ride through are remote ...
Updated by CTG on 22 May 2014

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