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Bike In Madrid
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Bike In Madrid

The project of cooperative bikeinmadrid-logo was born in Carabanchel on a nice sunny day: Juliette and Andrés met thanks to the friendly Bike tours Andres was offering on Couchsurfing*. Their common love for bikes, almonds and for the district of Carabanchel led them to develop the idea of solidary and personalized Bike tours.

As a cooperative often means more than two people, they decided to open their project to new Bike friends such as Ionna: a devoted cyclist whose first concern when she arrived in Madrid was to look for her future means of locomotion!
Their Tours

Bike Rental in Madrid

1 Days
Adults and kids bikes
Updated by CTG on 7 Nov 2016

Alternative Madrid

2 Hours
We consider that every person is different and that our priority is sharing a good time with anyone who wants to discover this Alternative Madrid! This is why we offer you various personalized bike tours! The tours take 1.5 to 2 hrs. They include: Squats & community projects Madrid’s ...
Updated by CTG on 7 Nov 2016

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